The Daily Motions by Buddah Desmond

Welcome back to the daily motions  Serving up lite fare—continental emotions  Going with the motions—no standard deviation,  no commotion  Casual, every day, middle of the road type shit Wait!  That’s that basic bitch shit  Ain’t nobody got time for it  Where’s the zest? How about the juice?  Where’s the sticky fun? What happened to laying … Read moreThe Daily Motions by Buddah Desmond

Hey, Mom by Devon Hulick

Every year I come upon youYou’re this feeling that I’m forced to feel even though I just want it to be simpleOr normalIf I don’t look at you in the eyes, you stay as a scabbed woundBut when I lift my head and confront it, I feel small & out of controlIt’s no longer a … Read moreHey, Mom by Devon Hulick

The Dude, Jude, Died by Josh Pampam

Garaged by grief on the cliff of hope,tied by the sour side of life with a rope. A rope of pain, of anguish, of tears,strained to his hardscrabble heart for years. He feared to be a victim of autumnal depression,That steam the air, stripe trees of succession. He yelled! But people’s ears were too highFor … Read moreThe Dude, Jude, Died by Josh Pampam

(Issue 11) Poetry Feature: Malik Thompson

Interview, Makeup, and Creative Direction by Zawadi Carroll Photography by Vanessa dos Santos DC’s rapidly gentrifying art scene has experienced cutthroat changes over the past decade. Several of the city’s natives, many of them young artists, have been pushed to the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia for more affordable and humane living conditions. The poetry … Read more(Issue 11) Poetry Feature: Malik Thompson

i didnt love him because he was stupid by DeAngelo Oliver

DeAngelo Oliver is a 23 year old non-binary Micronesian poet based in Olympia, Washington. They graduated from the University of Washington in Tacoma with a Bachelor’s degree in writing studies and a minor in education. Their poetry centers their life experiences, culture, and gender identity.

_Facial Recognition_ by Aerik “phaentompoet” Francis

iHave doubted my smile–if it existed in the faceof those mouthing of my ubiquitous grin.but iDo know whenmy smile smiles– feeling the evidence in its, it wasn’t the picturesqueLos Angeles January Sun, but a removal of a tether’snever questioned presence.such a wonderful good-bye greeting a lucky camera.happy, it seems, visitedme in spontaneous burst. my … Read more_Facial Recognition_ by Aerik “phaentompoet” Francis

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