WHEN YOU SEE A BOY CRY by Psalmuel Benjamin

Boys don’t cry, only leak.the abs & chest are wide enoughto hold a torrent after every lynch.When you see a boy cry, grief has just pinched his soul. This is a sour song of dark rhythm–Its lyric is aligned with bitterness, & aches, they bite the beautiful ears that take them. I try to hawk … Read moreWHEN YOU SEE A BOY CRY by Psalmuel Benjamin

Thus Said Lee Hazan by Liora Hassan

Masterpiece- mixed paint (a shade without a name) I am the horned one, the loud and greedy imp I come from pogroms and shtetls and black market souvenirs Yellow rice, plantains, and a Wall Street Latino Old words; old like trees, old like hate Mispronounced faith, stolen and demonized every Jew you’ve ever met I … Read moreThus Said Lee Hazan by Liora Hassan

Confirmation by Jasmine Washington

Who knew that a little momentYou placing your arm around my waistWould send electricity up my spineHave butterflies fluttering in my stomachA quiet sigh of reliefA small smile fighting the urge to creep on my faceThat small moment was a confirmation,confirmation that you liked meConfirmation that we could cuddle andwatch a showConfirmation that I could … Read moreConfirmation by Jasmine Washington

The Center Spot For All by Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo

I am like the mango tree-the center spot for all, I wear my trauma in bliss, My feeble hands craft world,  For am for all substance. We are like the tired wall soiled with mess, Our backs crack up at will, Yet we work for them that own us, Without a fathom of fault. I … Read moreThe Center Spot For All by Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo

Dis jOY Nt hIm by Winston TL

sob L.A. haze allays my heart hurt in a daze caused by a comet [Gone bye]             brain prays to malignant stars                 haywire Moon! align it? for me and him!?!                                      BLAH. AH AH. “I find you very attractive –   a good and sweet person        … Read moreDis jOY Nt hIm by Winston TL

7 cycles by Kamana Rai

1.  The glass of chrysanthemums —  my mother tells me,  cut the leaves off or  take out the leaves  from the stems with your hands.  गोदावरी – will stay fresh in a vase of water for weeks.  2.  If you look after anything well,  it will show signs of prospering.  In this sense,  relationships of … Read more7 cycles by Kamana Rai

Concreted Words by Fadrian Bartley

The metal door slams constantlywith noisy keys jingled throughtiny holes. Behind the door of hadesheartbeats linger with despair,and held on to memories they once hadto catch the morning sun, Wretched state behind redemption,and sorrowful thought sitsbeside a bucket containtheir own uric acid. waited shamefully for expulsionof colon loose canal which stinks the air,Orange suits unable … Read moreConcreted Words by Fadrian Bartley

Disguises by Christine Hsu

I’m going to be a luchador for Halloween this year.Is it cultural appropriation or not?I got this cool cat luchador mask in Mexico City on vacation.It’s black with blues trimming with whiskers and pointed ears.I was excited to see a Japanese wrestler in the ringTugging, tossing and tumbling around with the Mexican wrestlers.Ten years ago … Read moreDisguises by Christine Hsu

Emmett Till by Jeffrey Caliedo

Jackson, Mississippi is two hours away from Money, and still, the soil can be heard weeping. Secluded and consumed by encroaching ivy fingers, the decomposing Bryant’s Market has become a sign of the times. A marker of the past. But there are bullet holes in his memorial. And the boy is still plummeting. The body … Read moreEmmett Till by Jeffrey Caliedo

My Peace by Alissa Merritt

Like T’challa in the realm with ancestors  The wind as their embrace  Painting for hours on end  Being intentional about not looking at the clock during me time as creativity comes to me through all avenues of the brain from the gyri and sulci Poetry flowing as fast as the Nile river Sustaining grow, learning, … Read moreMy Peace by Alissa Merritt

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