So I can know myself by Paulina Calistru

There came a time, at dinner with my mother, where I realized that she, too, would die. She would grow old and fragile, shrink and eventually wither away, just like her mother, and her mother’s mother. Just like all the mothers that came before her. It came in the form of a superimposition, a memory … Read moreSo I can know myself by Paulina Calistru

Books We Loved in 2020

2020 was a challenging year. When the world was forced to quarantine at home, many of us found solace in books, where we could escape to a different reality. I asked our editors to talk about one book that helped get them through 2020. Here is a collection of their selections, highlighting BIPOC titles that … Read moreBooks We Loved in 2020

Pushed Out by Garrett D.G

“I love it up here.” She said as she gazed into the distance. Her legs dangled off the old brownstone’s roof edge. The air was stuffy. Usually, around this time, the neighborhood would be outside. The fresh smell of barbeque floating through the block, kids soaked under the sprinkling water bursting from the fire hydrant, … Read morePushed Out by Garrett D.G

HAIRCUT by Damien Belliveau

[an excerpt from “hella”] CW: This piece includes racial slurs I’d heard rumors of incoming freshmen getting hazed at Westmoor—everything from being rolled down hills in trash cans, to getting tied to metal poles so upperclassmen could smash your nuts with tether-balls. My source for this information was my best friend, Edwin Garro. The rumors … Read moreHAIRCUT by Damien Belliveau

Childhood Monsters by Matthew Marroquín

You’re laying alone in bed, and a chill consumes your body. You scan the room, fear creeping into your bones. A tingling sensation floods over your skin – as if you’re being watched by something, or someone. You can’t possibly fear the dark, no, it must be something else. You look across the room at … Read moreChildhood Monsters by Matthew Marroquín

Extraterrestrial Rays by Matthew Marroquín

For 20 minutes a day the sunlight caresses my skin, peeling off the numbness like the rind of a lemon. I’m stuck in this room. I cannot leave, for I am not allowed to. I wish they could put me in a room with bigger windows so I could see outside, see the sky, see … Read moreExtraterrestrial Rays by Matthew Marroquín

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