MixedMag is a digital multimedia publication dedicated to uplifting creatives of color, celebrating our multicultural/multiethnic identities, and featuring intersectional perspectives on Politics, TV/ Film/Theater, Creative Writing, Music, Art/Fashion, Food, Health/Sex/Wellness. Founded by Kimber Monroe, Joana Meurkens and Carolina Meurkens, MixedMag uplifts the voices of the underrepresented, marginalized artists and thinkers who feel like they never quite fit in anywhere. Our publication transcends national borders, it’s an exploration of identity, of cultural heritage and artistic expression.

Carolina Meurkens


Carolina Meurkens is a writer, musician, and educator living in Washington, D.C. Her artistry is an exploration of her Brazilian-German intersectional identity and what it means to be a multiracial woman in today’s society. Carolina is also the co-founder of An Indivisible Art Collective, an arts non-profit offering accessible arts-education workshops and creating community for local D.C creatives. Carolina is getting her MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Goucher College. www.carolinawrites.com

Email me: carolina@mixedmag.co

Joana Meurkens

Co-Founder/Art Director

Joana Meurkens is a Brazilian and German photographer, writer and actor. She is a born and bred New Yorker who spends most of her time on the Q train making playlists. joanameurkens.com

Email me: joana@mixedmag.co

Kimber Monroe

Co-Founder/Director of Operations

Kimber Monroe is a Black biracial actor and writer. She was born and raised in NYC (South Bronx represent!) and started her acting career at the age of 12 in the Broadway revival of South Pacific. Since then, she has appeared in multiple Off-Broadway and regional productions, independent films and national commercial work (most recent work including the Super Bowl LIV Poptarts spot with JVN!) She currently travels between LA and NYC for work, and has also started her own social media management company this spring!  


Email me: kimber@mixedmag.co

Citrine Ghraowi

Politics Editor

Citrine Ghraowi is the editor of our Politics section and works in non-profit advertising with a passion for social justice, literature, and the Shrek franchise. She’s loud and proud of her Palestinian & Syrian roots and the resiliency of her peoples..

Email me: citrine@mixedmag.co

Maya Renee Castro

Theater, Film & TV Editor

Maya Renee Castro (or the artist formally known as Jersey Trash) is a Black-Latinx Lesbian, NYC based writer/director and NOW editor of the Film/TV/Theater section of MixedMag! Outside of this magazine, her personal life, some would compare to a trash can on fire. However in her artistic life, she focuses on telling stories of communities and individuals that have been traditionally overlooked or misrepresented. Both on screen and off, Maya Renee works to promote BIPOC, LGBTQ+ individuals and women. She has written, directed and produced multiple live theatre events and short films. With this new position in the magazine, Maya Renee will finally transform into Carrie Bradshaw (but like a black-latinx version that is way way way hotter, better and gay-er).

Email me: maya-renee@mixedmag.co

Tayo Omisore

Poetry Editor

Tayo Omisore is a Nigerian-American rapper, writer and filmmaker based in the DMV. He is the Founder and Creative Director of Blackburb, a DC based media company looking to help entertain and educate others with (and about!) empathy. Aries sun feat. Pisces moon, so don’t worry I’m just as confused as you are!

Email me: tayo@mixedmag.co

Stephanie Eyocko

Food Editor

Stephanie Eyocko is an environmentalist, foodie, and urban gardener. Born in Cameroon, she has lived in Berlin and parts of China, but still considers herself a Dallas Texas hottie. When she’s not researching clean-energy technologies, she’s birding, biking, or at your neighborhood farmers market!

Email me: stephanie@mixedmag.co

Gina-Sophia Zamudio

Social Media Manager

Gina-Sophia is first generation Colombian/Ecuadorian and was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in a tight knit family, she learned a strong work ethic at an early age and moved to New York at 18 for college. In addition to being passionate about Latin American affairs and politics, she has a niche for social media and content creation that has helped her nurture a successful modeling career. Radical body positivity, social justice advocacy, and personal style on social media are the ways she empowers and expresses herself.

Email me: gina-sophia@mixedmag.co

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