Mixed Mag is an online multimedia magazine that uplifts the voices of the underrepresented artists and thinkers who feel like they never quite fit in anywhere. It's a space where third culture kids and their stories are celebrated. Our publication transcends national borders, it's an exploration of identity, of cultural heritage and artistic expression.

Mixed Mag publishes multicultural/multiethnic voices, featuring intersectional perspectives on Politics & Advocacy, Performing Arts, Creative Writing, Music, Art & Photography, Food, Health/Sex/Wellness.

Meet Our Team

Carolina Meurkens


Carolina Meurkens (she/her) is a writer, musician, and educator living in Washington, D.C. Her artistry is an exploration of her Brazilian-German intersectional identity and what it means to be a multiracial woman in today’s society. Carolina is also the co-founder of An Indivisible Art Collective, an arts non-profit offering accessible arts-education workshops and creating community for local D.C creatives. Carolina is getting her MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Goucher College. www.carolinawrites.com

Email me: carolina@mixedmag.co

Joana Meurkens

Co-Founder/ Creative Director

Joana Meurkens (she/her) is a Brazilian and German photographer, writer and actor. She is a born and bred New Yorker who spends most of her time on the Q train making playlists. joanameurkens.com

Email me: joana@mixedmag.co

Selvi Bunce

Prose Editor

Selvi M. Bunce (she/they) is a forever-student and poet currently living in Dublin, Ireland. She was born and raised in a predominantly white suburb in Minnesota and explored and found her own identity during her family trips to India. The first to laugh too loud at a restaurant, she is proud to tell you she comes from a long line of strong women – both in heart and voice. Her most treasured hobby includes curling up on the couch with a good book, her dog, and a hot cup of masala chai. 

Email me: selvi@mixedmag.co 

Laila E. Dreidame

Art Editor

Laila E. Dreidame (she/her/they) explores art, style, and culture from a global minded perspective, always seeking to expand human understanding and connectivity with the artist, their personal approach to their craft, and its relevance to society. Dreidame is an Amazigh-Moroccan woman, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She studied art in Spain and has worked with local artists for annual art auctions in both New York and California since 2014. She currently lives with her spouse, child, father, pup, and kitty in San Francisco, CA in a home full of joy, art, and love. 

Email me: laila@mixedmag.co

Tatianna Jefferson

Editorial/Administrative Assistant

Tatianna Jefferson (she/her) is a multifaceted visual artist living mostly in her head, but presently residing in Portland, Oregon. So far, she lived half her life in Ohio and the other half in Arizona, both of which shaped her experiences in the arts as she sang in choir, played the clarinet, and ultimately found her passion for visual arts. Her work is deeply reflective of her experiences in life in an attempt to understand her emotions, and thus help others begin to understand and reflect on their own. She enjoys making playlists, cooking, singing, dancing, spending time with her family, and traveling.


Email me: tatianna@mixedmag.co

Monique Murad

Food Editor

Monique Murad (she/her) is a Brazilian-American researcher, writer, and facilitator. She is passionate about community building and data-driven research and programming in the social impact space. Living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil you can find her swimming in the ocean, dancing, cooking a family recipe, making coffee or climbing. 

Email me: monique@mixedmag.co

Mimi Mutesa

Poetry Editor

Mimi Mutesa (she/her) is a writer, illustrator, and recovering podcast producer, recently relocated to Uganda after having covered US politics in Washington DC. She draws and writes poetry that reflects on the range of experiences of women of color in the diaspora have. She, her partner, and puppy live by the River Nile and Mimi’s favorite thing to do is sunbathe after a swim! 

Email me: mimi@mixedmag.co

Elizabeth Thompson

Politics/ Advocacy Editor

Elizabeth (she/her) is a Creole- Ghanaian writer and educational equity researcher. Born in Louisiana, raised in Ghana, Maryland, and Washington D.C., Elizabeth enjoys connecting with others interested in uplifting underserved and marginalized communities through civic action.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lizthom/

Email me: elizabeth@mixedmag.co