Kita by Baby

by Rebecca Yoo Yebecca has been a visionary artist since the beginning. By upcycling unwanted pieces in her wardrobe, she redesigns a whole new flair from sketch to finished product. Her brand, Kita By Baby (@kitabybaby), has become an archive page of her self-taught artistic journey. At the end of the day, Yebecca mentions, “It’s always been … Read moreKita by Baby

(Issue 14) Fashion Feature: Rupal Bakul Banerjee

Interview and Photography by Anisha Patil In this interview, designer and founder Rupal Banerjee of ‘Ru by Rupal’ tells Fashion Editor and photographer Anisha Patil about her journey of self-expression through fashion, graphic design and business. From her early days influenced by her Desi parents’ business to her later days at Parsons, and more recently … Read more(Issue 14) Fashion Feature: Rupal Bakul Banerjee

Azania Means Freedom Project by Azania Tripp

Photos by Skye Lee (@skyelee99) “I created a collection of wearable paper collage earrings featuring images of Afrofuturism, the power of joy, and the impact of historical trauma. With the Minnesota State Arts Board| Creative Support for Individuals FY 2021 grant, I have had the ability to partner with various artists to create a virtual … Read moreAzania Means Freedom Project by Azania Tripp


fash·ion shownounA fashion show (French défilé de mode) is an event put on by a fashion designer toshowcase their upcoming line of clothing and/or accessories. Fashion shows debut everyseason, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latestfashion trends are made. “Within my work, ‘culture’ is a guiding principle in what ideas I … Read moreUCLA HIP HOP CONGRESS FASHION SHOW by Daniel F Leka

(Issue 13) Theater, Film & TV Feature: Jose Useche

Interview by Kimber Monroe, Photography by Joana Meurkens As the new Editor of Mixed Mag’s Theater, Film and TV section, I wanted to have my first stab at featuring someone who I not only consider an upcoming giant in the industry, but a fellow peer. As an BIPOC actor and writer myself, I understand the … Read more(Issue 13) Theater, Film & TV Feature: Jose Useche

Dinner Conversation

Marisa Vito (she/they) is a queer Californian poet who has published with Crab Fat Magazine, The Spectacle, and the Los Angeles Magazine. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in English Literature/Writing and is the Digital Content Manager for Copper Canyon Press, as well as an editor for literary magazine, … Read moreDinner Conversation

My Mother Eve by Mia Altamuro

Artwork by Andrea Miranda I am my Mother Eve’s child;I always want the one thingI can’t have. the entire world in front of me,the life I could live,and I want to feel you breathe on me,to love me for the fuck of it. I’m in a gardenwith everything I needsurrounding me,yet I am Eve’s daughter, … Read moreMy Mother Eve by Mia Altamuro

We Must All Support a Ceasefire Now by Jordan Rosenberg Cobos

featured image “Ceasefire Now” taken at a protest at Parliament, in London on 15th November 2023 by Steve Eason. “We made the real mistake twenty years ago when we gave them their independence.” “Don’t you think it was right, wind of change, and all that?” “Yes, but not the way we did it. We should … Read moreWe Must All Support a Ceasefire Now by Jordan Rosenberg Cobos

Glitter Paradiso by CHEUNGJO Production

The concept of black toxic masculinity in fashion refers to the use of clothing and accessories to reinforce harmful stereotypes and expectations of black men, such as aggression, hypermasculinity, and violence. In recent years, there has been a growing movement to challenge and subvert these harmful stereotypes through alternative fashion concepts. The manifesto is to … Read moreGlitter Paradiso by CHEUNGJO Production

deflowering by Kyra Andrews

I had just turned eighteen the first time I had sex. It was the beginning of the winter season, and I was away at school in the mountains. The red pine trees intoxicated my lungs daily. I was on the precipice of womanhood. Freshman year of college had been a series of coming-into my-own’s while … Read moredeflowering by Kyra Andrews

(Issue 19) Feature: Art All Night at the Howard

Article by Laquavia Alston, Photography by Russell Visions Something exciting is happening in Washington, D.C. In the last three-five years, I’ve witnessed an explosion of talent in the arts and culture scene of D.C. On Sept 30th, the city was buzzing with arts and creativity, the avant-garde community leading Mayor Bowser’s 2023 installation of Art … Read more(Issue 19) Feature: Art All Night at the Howard

(Edição 19) Destaque: Kebra, Festival de Cultura Hip Hop

Uma entrevista com a Ayesca Mayara feito por Monique Murad (Versão Original em Português) Fotografia: @wgnoclick “Hip-hop não é só um estilo de dança, nem só um estilo musical. Hip-hop é uma cultura de política. Uma cultura de política favelada, que busca, que tem sua moda, que tem seu black money, que tem todas as … Read more(Edição 19) Destaque: Kebra, Festival de Cultura Hip Hop

(Issue 19) Feature: Kebra, a Hip Hop Culture Festival

An interview with Ayesca Mayara by Monique Murad (translated from it’s original version in Portuguese) Photography by @wgnoclick “Hip hop is not just a style of dance or music. Hip-hop is a culture of politics. A culture of favela politics, which has its fashion, its black money, which has all its issues of self-reliance. To … Read more(Issue 19) Feature: Kebra, a Hip Hop Culture Festival

Meet Me at Mine (a dance narrative) by Annika Wong

Meet Me at Mine is a constantly evolving dance narrative that was conceived over the course of two years. It is an experiential, transient story of love, of the people who come and go in our lives, and the precious, unrepeatable moments we spend together. It is the story of love in its most nuanced … Read moreMeet Me at Mine (a dance narrative) by Annika Wong

STROOPWAFEL by Cristina Barco

INT. BATHROOM – NIGHT  FAITH, our despairing, noble heroine, sits on the toilet, squinting her eyes, trying to pee sub-humanly silently.  Only when the faucet is streaming water can she let herself pee at full throttle. Her face relaxes.  She whips out her phone and opens a video of girls using a “What is the … Read moreSTROOPWAFEL by Cristina Barco

Strength at صفر by Mary Barghout

First Fragment: In بور سعيد there is a pedestal missing a statue.  A tall concrete beginning with no end.  What crumbling culminated in this break? *** On my first and only trip to Egypt I walked to this beginning with my younger cousins. They stood and hung on the chains surrounding the pedestal, I captured … Read moreStrength at صفر by Mary Barghout

How to Hold the Truth by Tamar Ashdot

Cover Collage: “locating lineal traces” by Tamar Ashdot It’s impossible to know where to begin because most of my ancestral understanding lives in the past. In the world before 1948. Before Israel’s statehood.  My father was born in 1935, in Jerusalem, in British Mandate Palestine. Though it is incredibly rare for a father to be … Read moreHow to Hold the Truth by Tamar Ashdot