Unhappy Feet by Yella Soyland

I am Gabby “Yella” Soyland, 16, Filipino-Norwegian. “The Unhappy Feet” is my take on finding myself, I wanted to really tackle my sexuality and how from a young age I never felt at home in my own body. Whenever I watched my movies and shows, I would always want to be the leading man to … Read moreUnhappy Feet by Yella Soyland

“When In Lockdown” by Kasandra Enid Torres

When In Lockdown is a series of drawings created from the angst of feeling stuck physically and creatively in a small NYC apartment. These drawings were used as a way to cope with sudden life changes.  About the Artist: Kasandra Enid Torres is a first generation Puerto Rican currently residing in NYC. She is a … Read more“When In Lockdown” by Kasandra Enid Torres

“Queer Bbys” by Odalys Burgoa

Queer bbys is a digital portrait series of friends who identify as lgbtq. It is a series that celebrates the community and a way to revolt against the political climate lgbtq+ persons face everyday. Queer “bbys” deserve to be celebrated at every capacity and creating portraits of specifically BIPOC queer persons is taking a step in demanding appreciation for how beautiful it is to be ourselves. Each portrait features different types and reflections of love from self love to love with partners. They also represent the diverse faces of queerness.

Giada Rotundo Art

In 2017 , the artist Giada Rotundo obtained her MA from the Art Academy of Brera and in the following years started her artistic career by re-elaborating images from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Today she has chosen to not only represent one poetic style and her works do not follow a specific genre, though she continues to express herself with figurative painting. This however, has been a difficult choice and resulted after she matured and reflected upon the fact that it gives the observer a much freer view of her work. If we think that it is the public itself that ‘makes’ the artwork and that it would not exist without it, why shouldn’t we leave them the opportunity to interpret it? Explaining the meaning of the painting would influence their opinion too. Finally, looking at the art of today is like looking at something diverse and complicated, there is so much, sometimes too much. Once there was only one artistic trend and many people would be spontaneously involved. If we think of Art Déco, or even before Art Nuveau, many artists reproduced and spread these artistic styles to other similar fields such as: architecture, textiles and other minor ones. In short, if art is the mirror of what happens we cannot do anything else than reproduce art in the most heterogeneous way.

“Loodream” by Andrea Miranda

About the Artist: My name is Andrea Miranda and I am an international student graduate from the illustration class of 2020 at Falmouth University. I focus on utilizing marks and patterns to tell a story. I construct my composition in a way that’ll make my designs have flow and movement, and add mesmerizing colors to … Read more“Loodream” by Andrea Miranda

Social Justice, Feelings, and Memories: Art by Anna Nguyen.

Artist Statement: Anna Nguyen is a social worker specializing in child welfare, school social work, and child trauma. She is from Orange, CA and is passionate about mental health, graphic novels, and minimalist design. Her art focuses on depicting feelings and experiences that had a large impact on her. She enjoys using her art as … Read moreSocial Justice, Feelings, and Memories: Art by Anna Nguyen.


As an artist, I enjoy infiltrating psychedelic styles and patterns within my work to achieve a unique aesthetic. Adding vibrancy and including the liquify feature are some of the few techniques that make my work identifiable. I often experiment with colors, typography, and personas within my work to achieve a blissful feeling that comes with finishing … Read moreCARO

Sian Fan: Developments of the Digital Art World by Jazmin Ali

Interdisciplinary artist Sian Fan discusses her digital works such as Downtime, an interactive real-time environment, and the digital art world “I think of myself as interdisciplinary to give myself as much freedom as possible because I like to be able to move between different media and I like to be able to combine them,” says … Read moreSian Fan: Developments of the Digital Art World by Jazmin Ali

Primer Rebelde De America

Primer Rebelde De America is a new company owned by Victor Vegas Perez and Liana Waller. This Indigenous streetwear brand is only one year old but has appeared in iconic magazines such as Vogue, so it is clear that they are on the rise to becoming a household name. We interviewed Victor Vegas Perez about his influences and the importance of normalizing Indigenous representation in mainstream fashion.

“Fall” in Love With Yourself

Photography TAYLOR MEW & JOANA MEURKENS  Models  TICKLE MHLAMBISO DWANY GUZMAN JOANA MEURKENS  Make-Up  TAYLOR MEW  TICKLE What’s your name/age/pronouns? Tickle! I’m 20 years old and I go by she/her pronouns. What does self care mean to you? Self care means tending to my body’s needs-what is it telling me? What do I crave right … Read more“Fall” in Love With Yourself

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