Paulo Redeem – Fashion

A brand by NaaAmerley Badger A note from the artist: In a time where accountability culture is at an all time high we as a culture have found out that some of the most revered brands, people, magazines who claimed to be inclusive or sustainable were in fact performative and greenwashing. We’re in a moment … Read morePaulo Redeem – Fashion

The Name of the Game by Geneviéve Dumas

The Name of the Game is a wink to the anesthetic of the rugby pioneer imageries and the sports culture. It’s also the combination of touring for competitions from towns to towns with the connections and acquaintances you might get or have with others. Safety on Guard My Lady’s on Fire Wind-Up Toys Missing About … Read moreThe Name of the Game by Geneviéve Dumas

Love & a Pandemic (Sid) by Eliza Moreno

In this series, I interview friends to learn how they have found love during a time that has asked us to find alternative ways to experience closeness. There is importance in capturing the telling of love by folx whose ability to be loved and to love remains questioned. Sid Sid chose to speak of his … Read moreLove & a Pandemic (Sid) by Eliza Moreno

Angelica Jacinto Photography

 Empty, 35mm, 2018. The Oasis, 35mm, 2017 Relief, 35mm, 2018. New Year, 35mm, 2018. Horror, 35mm, 2017. Catch Me, 35mm, 2018. The Palace, 35mm, 2016. About the Artist: Angelica Jacinto is a filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York who is passionate about cinematography as an art form. She has experience as Director of Photography, 1st … Read moreAngelica Jacinto Photography

Yu Lez Photography

About the Artist: Yulissa Benitez ( Yu lez) is a Mexican photographer from Queens, NY. Often inspired by the90s and 2000s, Yu lez likes to incorporate the use of shadows, grain, and saturation. She oftenalso reworks her photos using mixed media such as sewing, texturizing, scanning, and overalllayering to modify her pictures. Yulissa is a … Read moreYu Lez Photography

Fuck 12 Grocery Corp: A Safe Haven by Leticia Infante

About the Artist: Leticia Infante is a Latina interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York who was raised by Cuban refugee parents and a radical grandmother in South Florida. She attended Hunter College where she studied Film, Philosophy, and Pre-Law. Despite working a number of odd jobs, her career in television started in 2016 as … Read moreFuck 12 Grocery Corp: A Safe Haven by Leticia Infante

Loswherever by Srishti Dass

Divison Untitled Time Untitled Untitled Artist Statement: All the places I’ve lived in have been very temporary. There’s not one place I can call home and feel fully at home. I have moved a lot and will be moving more in the future. Thus, I use my paintings to create unfamiliar spaces that make me … Read moreLoswherever by Srishti Dass

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