Thugz Mansion by Miles Angerson

A note from the Artist: I’ve been drawing the same stuff for as long as I can remember, since before I could read or write. I was inspired by Lower East Side activist comic artists like Eric Drooker and Seth Tobocman as well as other masters like Eduardo Risso and Eric Powell. Being from the … Read moreThugz Mansion by Miles Angerson

“Little Road, NJ” by Jasmine Shaw

Jasmine Shaw is an emerging artist that is extremely passionate about Photography
and Design and its story-telling power. Her work examines her Chinese American
identity through the lens of adoption and other overlooked communities. She explores
her identity through photographing environments, family members, other Asian
Americans, and Asian adoptees. Her work reveals the dynamic aspects of experience
multiple cultures and breaking down preconceptions of culturally mixed identities is an
important aspect of her art. She enjoys shooting in film and digital formats.

“Omen” by Jurien Huggins

“Omen”, (a series born out of Covid Quarantine) has a few definitions, which makes it difficult to explain where it came from. The easiest explanation is that it is a surrealist take on the duality in our personalities. Most people live their lives believing that they are trustworthy, but have no difficulty crafting falsehoods. One … Read more“Omen” by Jurien Huggins

“Colored Canvas” by Myles Baron

Artist name : Milo Models: Brandon grey , Corwin  Body painter: Winsome  Photographer: Landyn pan Artist Statement: To be a black man in any community. Especially being queer & growing up, people often paint us in images & colors about how we’re supposed to talk, look, and act. They pain us how we’re “supposed” to be based … Read more“Colored Canvas” by Myles Baron

Gal Gelbard Fashion

A Note From the Artist: These shirts are based on my mom’s upbringing in Salvador, Bahia. They include images, paintings, and stitches of old photographs taken of family members and friends throughout the years, dating back to the ’70s. My sister and I modeled these looks as tribute to our upbringing and family history.  Special … Read moreGal Gelbard Fashion

Independence Day by Alex Brunson

About the Artist: Passionate about fostering the connections made possible only through shared vulnerability, Brunson is a practicing human at his core. As a Black man who grew up in South Carolina, he has always been cognizant of his race and the work it does in the world’s various spaces.  For the last three years, … Read moreIndependence Day by Alex Brunson

Entrando en el período azul by Alicia Russo

About the Artist: Alicia Russo is an artist and art historian from Brooklyn, New York. Born to a family of Ecuadorian immigrants and Italian-Americans, her ethnicity often informs how she navigates her role as a young creative. She is dedicated to exploring how visual histories contribute to collective socio-cultural perceptions, and often, our contemporary racial dynamics.

Ranee Henderson Artwork

Vilifying faceless figures of power has always been present in my life and the lives of those closest to me. It only recently became the focus of my work. My latest paintings depict the battles and bandits that inhabit my own lived, socio-economic codex (clout, grind, impotence, layaway, racket…). Each one of these “themes” serves as an umbrella that presides over the canvas. If I am to scrupulously manifest the images that I propose to create, I need to live with the villains as well as poke at the basis of my own internal conflict with poverty. My goal is to destabilize, work through, and overthrow. When that is done, I will gift what I have discovered to my family and to any others that inhabit the lowest rungs of the tax bracket.

“Ideias Fora Do Lugar Parte 0/” by Maria Clara Otani

Clothing in cotton and hemp, Mixed media About the work: With the many contradictions of the idea of Brazilian “multiculturalism” in mind, this mini series uses fabrics from all over the world to sculpt bodies and space. The Chinese imported blue and pink polyester fabrics that line the background and the foreground are contrasted with … Read more“Ideias Fora Do Lugar Parte 0/” by Maria Clara Otani

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