Time & Rituals

By Seigar This collage series explores the concepts of social rites and their connection to the passing of time. The compositions portray different motives for social gatherings such as music, sports, drinking, eating, party, love, religion, travel, and fashion. The pop prism brings some drama and tension pulsating through the clocks ticking from one generation … Read moreTime & Rituals

Shelly Wong Magazine Collages

Born and raised in Queens, Shelly is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on film photography, watercolor, and magazine collages. During the pandemic, she started creating collages using vintage National Geographic magazines and due to the uncertainty of the world, collage making allows her to be in control and create her own little paradise. Shelly creates … Read moreShelly Wong Magazine Collages


Learning to unlearn has been a central theme in my art practice. My focus has been on conceptualizing ideas that help the decolonization of all spaces. Physical, but especially mental spaces.   After 150 years of British rule, today my people feel disconnected from our own culture. The push for assimilation towards western ideas has created an identity crisis in a … Read moreJAYA KANG ARTWORK