Shaqui Reed: Designer & Artist

Shaqui Reed’s work examines areas of imperfections expressed by irregularity, incompleteness, rawness, and simplicity. Her designs typically involve deconstructing, distressing, layering, and piecing together what is left behind. Her textile works speak of the color and texture of her fears. Her fears are represented through the roughness of the denim and the different shades of … Read moreShaqui Reed: Designer & Artist

Frankie Designer: Changing the 2-6 Community & Beyond by BabyG

“There’s no such thing as luck. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity” – Amy Hempel The 2-6 community is no stranger to what is hot or not in the fashion industry nowadays.Fashion designers are in more demand now than they ever were before.People want to create a name for themselves and create a lasting image … Read moreFrankie Designer: Changing the 2-6 Community & Beyond by BabyG

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