(Issue 9) Food Feature: Blk Swan, the Experience

Interview by Stephanie Eyocko. Photography by Eldred Bell If you take a stroll through Fells Point, you’ll be met with high-rise hotels, high-end retailers, Whole Foods, office buildings, and the harbor itself. The neighborhood is majority White and Blk Swan is a first of its “urban elevated,” kind. When you see the Black logo with … Read more(Issue 9) Food Feature: Blk Swan, the Experience

The Little Side Dish That Could by Sania Saeed

Raita is traditionally yogurt mixed with cucumber, mint, and cilantro. It is served as a side for main rice dishes. These “yogurt bowls” satisfy my savoury palate without requiring running to the store for ingredients I may not typically have.

Getting Over the Slump by Maya Mathur

The first time I made pasta I was surrounded by strangers— and fawning over the young Italian chef who was instructing us. We all had our own mixing bowls, eggs and rolling pins. We each contributed our handmade pasta to the large pot of boiling salt water and stared in wonderment as our instructor began … Read moreGetting Over the Slump by Maya Mathur

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