“Somebody Loves You” by Daniella Faith

New Jersey based singer-songwriter Daniella Faith shares her debut EP, Somebody Loves You, which she entirely wrote and produced. Drawing from her influences of soft rock and neo-soul, Daniella Faith uses this EP as a medium for introspection and encouragement. Honing her songwriting skills since the age of 3, Daniella’s adept abilities can be heard … Read more“Somebody Loves You” by Daniella Faith

“Houses” by Aiden

Aiden, based in NYC, has been making music from his bedroom since 2018. From the recording process of “Houses” which started in April of 2020 to his new EP “Placid Creatures”, which comes out June 30th, Aiden is creating the melodic nostalgic feeling he’s been looking for in music. “I wrote Houses in a time … Read more“Houses” by Aiden

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