(Issue 11) Music Feature: Myles Cameron

Interview by Sherin Nassar You want Myles Cameron to make it. He’s got talent- his latest work says it all- but there is something about his optimism that has you rooting for him. He has that fresh eye ready to take on the world spirit that you sometimes wonder if people just lose at 25. … Read more(Issue 11) Music Feature: Myles Cameron

(Issue 11) Poetry Feature: Malik Thompson

Interview, Makeup, and Creative Direction by Zawadi Carroll Photography by Vanessa dos Santos DC’s rapidly gentrifying art scene has experienced cutthroat changes over the past decade. Several of the city’s natives, many of them young artists, have been pushed to the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia for more affordable and humane living conditions. The poetry … Read more(Issue 11) Poetry Feature: Malik Thompson

(Issue 10) Art Feature: Cristina Loukopoulos

In this interview, rising painter and textile designer Cristina Loukopoulos tells Artistic Director Joana Meurkens about her journey of self discovery through her art; from reclaiming and redefining femininity to how her Queens roots infused with her Greek and Colombia heritage live through her paintings.  Interview by Joana Meurkens Photography by Joana Meurkens Styling by … Read more(Issue 10) Art Feature: Cristina Loukopoulos

(Issue 8) Fashion Feature: Rusty Reconstructed

INTERVIEW BY KIMBER MONROE & CREATIVE DIRECTION BY JULIA RODRIGUEZ RUSTY RECONSTRUCTED is an LA based brand focused on reworked streetwear in everyday life. Arianna and Nikolas Knowles Sanchez-Wong are more than business partners. The couple and best friends have been working together since middle school, and this latest venture is their biggest and brightest … Read more(Issue 8) Fashion Feature: Rusty Reconstructed

(Issue 8) Music Feature: Lo Village

Written by Sherin Nassar Photography by Ogechi Ogbuaku Lo Village is upfront in that they want to do things on their own terms: own their art and their vision. You get that from their music but you also get it in the details: like the fact that they produce all of their music through their … Read more(Issue 8) Music Feature: Lo Village

(Issue 6) Music Feature: Kyrsten Bates

Interview by Kimber Monroe Art Direction by Taylor Mew/Photography by Mankastleman Kyrsten Bates (she/her) isn’t just your average musician. She is a Musician, DJ, Model, Singer, Dancer and Event Curator. Yes, she really does it all. I met Kyrsten over the fall, and have had the opportunity to witness her in action behind her turntable. … Read more(Issue 6) Music Feature: Kyrsten Bates

(Issue 6) Art/Fashion Feature: Daleela

Artistic Director Joana Meurkens interviews model, singer, and student Daleela, a born and raised New Yorker with strong Moroccan roots. In this interview the two discuss the discipline needed to pursue modeling, representation of Muslim women in the fashion industry, and the power of honoring your heritage.

(Issue 5) TV/Film/Theater Feature: Renee Harrison

Renee Harrison is a Jamaican born actor and content creator. She also founded a digital curation of culture and resources for Black women-identifying theater artists, called Black Girls Do Theater. For my last feature of 2020, it was great to talk to an old classmate, friend and someone I truly admire. Renee and I got to talk about everything from growing up, to code switching and the future of theater. It was such a lovely interview that we almost talked for two hours!

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