(Issue 12) Politics Feature: LAMSA

Interview by Citrine Ghraowi, Photography by Joana Meurkens June of 2021 will always be a memorable month for me. I traveled to Beirut, Lebanon and made memories and connections with familiar faces in a sea of new ones as well. Amongst them, I met Natalie Garland, a native New Yorker who has been living in … Read more(Issue 12) Politics Feature: LAMSA

(Issue 11) Music Feature: Myles Cameron

Interview by Sherin Nassar You want Myles Cameron to make it. He’s got talent- his latest work says it all- but there is something about his optimism that has you rooting for him. He has that fresh eye ready to take on the world spirit that you sometimes wonder if people just lose at 25. … Read more(Issue 11) Music Feature: Myles Cameron

(Issue 8) Fashion Feature: Rusty Reconstructed

INTERVIEW BY KIMBER MONROE & CREATIVE DIRECTION BY JULIA RODRIGUEZ RUSTY RECONSTRUCTED is an LA based brand focused on reworked streetwear in everyday life. Arianna and Nikolas Knowles Sanchez-Wong are more than business partners. The couple and best friends have been working together since middle school, and this latest venture is their biggest and brightest … Read more(Issue 8) Fashion Feature: Rusty Reconstructed

Menga354 for Mixed Mag

Creative Direction by Joana Meurkens Photography by Ryan Scullin Clothing by Menga354 Styling by Annie Meng and Joana Meurkens Modeled by Rahm Bowen (Hair by Mecca Little), Kimber Monroe, Joana Meurkens, and Maria Salazar Read Annie’s feature in Issue 7 here! Menga354 is an ode to retro-futurism, a luxury casualwear brand that explores the unknown … Read moreMenga354 for Mixed Mag

(Issue 6) Music Feature: Kyrsten Bates

Interview by Kimber Monroe Art Direction by Taylor Mew/Photography by Mankastleman Kyrsten Bates (she/her) isn’t just your average musician. She is a Musician, DJ, Model, Singer, Dancer and Event Curator. Yes, she really does it all. I met Kyrsten over the fall, and have had the opportunity to witness her in action behind her turntable. … Read more(Issue 6) Music Feature: Kyrsten Bates

(Issue 5) Music Feature: Dwany

Interview and Photography by Joana Meurkens Dwany, is a first generation American-New York born singer/songwriter who is ready to introduce himself to the music world. Coming from a background of acting and musical theater, Dwany is an artist whose voice carries the emotion from the likes of Whitney Houston and Frank Ocean. Dwany and Artistic … Read more(Issue 5) Music Feature: Dwany

(Issue 4) Music Feature: Summer Breeze

Interview by Joana Meurkens Photography by India Coombs Summer Breeze is an LA born and bred musician on her journey to expressing her truest self through her art. Summer Breeze talks to artistic director, Joana Meurkens, about how her rigorous dance training has shaped her as an artist and how she celebrates the eccentricity of … Read more(Issue 4) Music Feature: Summer Breeze

(Issue 2) Music Feature: Yoshi T.

Yoshi T. is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter rapper extraordinaire. Born in LA but bred in NYC, Yoshi is starting his journey into becoming a household name. Yoshi and I grew up in similar settings, and seeing how he has come into his own as in artist is something that I hold very dear to me. Yoshi manages to show the intimate intricacies of his inner life while simultaneously delivering a dance beat that will stick with you for weeks on end. He is not only an incredibly talented rapper, but he is a prime example of the genre bending wave of new artists ready to take their proper place in the industry. 

(Issue 2) TV, Film, & Theater Feature: Lukita Maxwell

Lukita is a Gen Z creative based in LA. She is currently the Head Web Designer and Editor at Sunstroke Magazine, an intersectional, GenZine. In addition to web design for Sunstroke, Lukita is currently working as a film actor. In the past she’s worked with ABC, 20th Century Fox, and most recently, HBO Max. She loves working amongst creatives, on or off a set, in front or behind a camera. Additionally to designing and acting, she’s passionate about photography, sustainability, good coffee, good music and traveling. This past month I got to sit down with Lukita and discuss small conservative towns, interests outside of acting and providing space for others.

(Issue 2) Food Feature: An Interview with Rashida Holmes by India Witkin

A love letter to the Caribbean and a delicious addition to the Los Angeles Food Scene Chef Rashida Holmes is not new to the Los Angeles food scene, but her authentic Carribean food very much is. She’s been cooking in a multitude of restaurants the past 12 years, most recently as Sous Chef at the … Read more(Issue 2) Food Feature: An Interview with Rashida Holmes by India Witkin

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