Acne, A Manifesto (minus the Studios) 

By Chiugo Akujuobi  Many won’t believe what I’m about to say; however, I truly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s cheesy, it’s cliché, but that doesn’t erase the adage’s truth. Beauty standards fluctuate, transform, and detour given the time period, the continent, the country, the city, the culture, religion, ethnic group, … Read moreAcne, A Manifesto (minus the Studios) 

Hair Stories: (Joi Broughton)

Interviewed by Kimber Monroe. Photography by Joana Meurkens I’m so excited to be back for Hair Stories. In this column, we speak with a lot of people about their journeys toward acceptance and love when it comes down to hair. It’s not easy to exist in our society if you don’t fit into the Eurocentric … Read moreHair Stories: (Joi Broughton)

Hair Stories: (Ky)

Photography by Joana Meurkens. Forward and Interview by Kimber Monroe It has been an honor taking over Hair Stories this month for my best friend and fellow colleague Carolina Meurkens. When I thought about who to feature, I thought of close friends of mine who’ve discussed and shared their hair journeys with me, who I … Read moreHair Stories: (Ky)

RECLAIMED: Body by Nancy Azcona

CW: Discussion around suicide & eating disorders Illustration by Andrea Miranda “You are a woman — skin and bones, veins and nerves, hair and sweat. You are not made out of metaphors, not apologies, not excuses.” – Sarah Kay, The Type I have never felt more at home in my body than I did in 2020. … Read moreRECLAIMED: Body by Nancy Azcona

REGARDING SELF & The Price of Wellness by Mayana Nell Torres

When I had the privilege of studying abroad in Barcelona,  I had a moment where my concept of normality was challenged. Two different cities, two different ways of breathing. I remember I went to a café to order a coffee to go, “me pones un café por favor para llevar?”. Then I took a moment … Read moreREGARDING SELF & The Price of Wellness by Mayana Nell Torres

Rising Rituals by Imani Williams

There are two kinds of people in this world; the “Good Mornings” and the “Grand Risings” is what I like to call it. I used to be a GM for a while, no shame in that. I never really took my risings seriously. I was always running around, rushing and bouncing from one place to … Read moreRising Rituals by Imani Williams

Echo Chambers & Filter Bubbles Rely on Social Media Algorithms To Survive by Paola Fernandez

Echo chambers have caused more miscommunication than productive discourse. Imagine an elementary playground where the only group of kids are exposed to what the leader says and does. They mimic the behavior and comments the leader displays. There are no other groups of kids playing except them. The kids start to bounce the same ideas … Read moreEcho Chambers & Filter Bubbles Rely on Social Media Algorithms To Survive by Paola Fernandez

Rollerskating Never Died by Brittany Zendejas

Photos by Brittany Zendejas It’s an unusually warm day in Oakland, California. Everything shines when it catches the light of the sun. On the basketball courts, small wheels sparkle as they zigzag across the blacktop. Funky music is blasting through the old school boombox parked in the middle of the courts, the neon spray-painted letters … Read moreRollerskating Never Died by Brittany Zendejas

Staff Pick: Skin Care Product

Hello Mixed Mag Community! I’m Kimber Monroe, and I will be taking over the Health, Sex & Wellness section while our EIC Carolina Meurkens is on maternity leave! To start off, I wanted to talk about essential skin care products. Skin care skyrocketed in 2020 like never before, and I wanted our team to share … Read moreStaff Pick: Skin Care Product

Unhappy Feet by Yella Soyland

I am Gabby “Yella” Soyland, 16, Filipino-Norwegian. “The Unhappy Feet” is my take on finding myself, I wanted to really tackle my sexuality and how from a young age I never felt at home in my own body. Whenever I watched my movies and shows, I would always want to be the leading man to … Read moreUnhappy Feet by Yella Soyland

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