“Pare De Sufrir” by Jarina De Marco & Esty

Eclectic pop-based, yet genre-bending laced artists Jarina De Marco and Esty come together on latest single “Pare De Sufrir,” an empowering dance track fueled by the freeing nature of leaving bad love behind. Blending their keen sense of avant garde fashion and mastery of fusion sounds, the Dominican duo combine their magical forces to produce … Read more“Pare De Sufrir” by Jarina De Marco & Esty

Tiny Laughs: Web Series

Created by Laura Rivas and Rukshan Thenuwara A queer Latina architect meets a struggling Asian comic who’s just come out…as unemployed, their instant spark sends them on a humorous and heartwarming journey through the city of dreams. From the creators: This series is a love story to Los Angeles and echoes our journey through the … Read moreTiny Laughs: Web Series

Dangerous Day by Anthony David Vernon

INT. DETECTIVE MARSHALL FRANK’S OFFICE – DAY There is wall calendar that is dated December 15, 1979. MARSHALL FRANK, a middle aged detective is sat at his organized desk with an empty ash tray looking over case files. While looking over the case files, Marshall’s facial expression is simultaneously stern and saddened. A knock on … Read moreDangerous Day by Anthony David Vernon

“eat ur greens” by Gayathri Krishnan

“eat ur greens featuring SisterCody was inspired by Louise Haye a motivational speaker and author. Through her tapes and books, she has inspired me to make positive changes in my life. My mother introduced me to her to help me take steps towards accepting and loving myself. The intention for this track was so that people could listen … Read more“eat ur greens” by Gayathri Krishnan

Degrade by Lē

Degrade is an experimental slow-fashion label currently making biodegradable bespoke accessories. This center highlights the importance of sustainability in fashion in our current day and age. With each order, we create your items locally from scratch that are dedicated to our clients. Future goals for Degrade include collaborating with like minded creatives and organizations across … Read moreDegrade by Lē

The Daily Motions by Buddah Desmond

Welcome back to the daily motions  Serving up lite fare—continental emotions  Going with the motions—no standard deviation,  no commotion  Casual, every day, middle of the road type shit Wait!  That’s that basic bitch shit  Ain’t nobody got time for it  Where’s the zest? How about the juice?  Where’s the sticky fun? What happened to laying … Read moreThe Daily Motions by Buddah Desmond

Review: “Planets” by Stratøs

Written by Joana Meurkens Stratøs’ debut album brings us into the colorful and vast musical mind of the Michigan based composer, saxophonist and producer. Produced entirely by himself, the record is a clear labor of love, with a variety of collaborators and features elevating the record to new dimensions. Living in the realm of modern … Read moreReview: “Planets” by Stratøs

Colin in Black and White: Review by Maya Paco

It’s only in certain cases that I feel moved enough to take out my computer and write about a television show. The last time I felt the inspiration to comment on something I watched, was after the first episode of Ryan Murphy’s Pose. I am again moved with the tingled feeling of WOW during the … Read moreColin in Black and White: Review by Maya Paco