“L’Espirit” by ToBy

L’Esprit is also an ode to ToBy’s late grandma who passed away from cancer in 2020. ToBy was extremely close to his grandma, as she helped raise him and always supported his musical journey when others in ToBy’s life did not. “Making music growing up in Miami was not very easy. It was a very judgmental … Read more“L’Espirit” by ToBy

Characters Need Siblings by Minh Pham

The breadth of storytelling in cinema knows no bounds. Film is about love and heartbreak, triumph and failure, heroes and villains, dragons and haggard looking people with thick accents, Leonardo DiCaprio and lines of cocaine on butts of beautiful strangers, and so on and so forth. Through decades of beautiful storytelling and the evolution of … Read moreCharacters Need Siblings by Minh Pham

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