“They Don’t See Us” by The Tiarras

The Tiarras, formerly known as The Tiarra Girls, recently announced a change to their official name, signaling a new era for the 3x Austin Music Award-winning trio. After dominating the local music scene since adolescent ages, the Mexican-American musicians/songwriters step into a rebirth under a revitalized name to fittingly  suit the next chapter of their … Read more“They Don’t See Us” by The Tiarras


fash·ion shownounA fashion show (French défilé de mode) is an event put on by a fashion designer toshowcase their upcoming line of clothing and/or accessories. Fashion shows debut everyseason, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latestfashion trends are made. “Within my work, ‘culture’ is a guiding principle in what ideas I … Read moreUCLA HIP HOP CONGRESS FASHION SHOW by Daniel F Leka

Azania Means Freedom Project by Azania Tripp

Photos by Skye Lee (@skyelee99) “I created a collection of wearable paper collage earrings featuring images of Afrofuturism, the power of joy, and the impact of historical trauma. With the Minnesota State Arts Board| Creative Support for Individuals FY 2021 grant, I have had the ability to partner with various artists to create a virtual … Read moreAzania Means Freedom Project by Azania Tripp

Artwork by Christopher Martin

An artist designed from history, purpose, and depth. Christopher Martin is a multidiscipline artist from North Carolina exploring the African Diaspora. Driven by a desire to push southern history, Martin confronts aesthetic perceptions of contemporary injustice. Cotton fibers are the primary medium of storytelling in order to reclaim the roots of the Atlantic slave trade. Christopher’s … Read moreArtwork by Christopher Martin

Artwork by Michelle Okpare

Michelle Okpare was raised between Nigeria and Ivory Coast. She received a B.A in Fine Arts from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. Okpare draws inspiration from her personal experiences with people and how one responds psychologically to happenings. Her works are documentation of life, complexity, and emotions exploring culture, mental health, personal and societal identity, … Read moreArtwork by Michelle Okpare

“Home” by Sophia Spero

“Home” written and performed by Sophia Spero is a pop song with a long history. The song is about the difficulties of recovering from a toxic platonic relationship. After struggling to express herself, artist Sophia Spero decided to sit down at 1 a.m. on a Friday and write about what came to mind. Eventually, this … Read more“Home” by Sophia Spero

Artwork by Astha Malik

Astha is a proud woman of color – a daughter, sister, wife, and dog mom. Born and raised in Delhi, India she comes from a humble middle-class family. Growing up she enjoyed doing arts and craft, and credits her mom for encouraging creative hobbies. The first one in the family to pursue education in the … Read moreArtwork by Astha Malik

“Bassman Fuzz” by TITA

Guatemalan singer/songwriter Tita will shares a single “Bassman Fuzz” that provides listeners with a new, eccentric sound in anticipation of the release of her debut album Mundo Cruel, due later this year. Marking her first track in English, the artist delves into fresh sounds of upbeat bubblegum synth-pop. Inspired by moving in new directions, the … Read more“Bassman Fuzz” by TITA

Artwork by Sherouk Morsi

Sherouk Morsi is an Egyptian artist, and filmmaker. She was born and raised in Egypt and moved to New York when she was 15. Morsi earned her Bachelors in Art from Hunter College where she majored in Film. She believes that the brighter the piece, the more powerful it is. She’s been uninspired and unable … Read moreArtwork by Sherouk Morsi

“Venturathegay, Moving and Shaking In His Own Way” by Ania Holland

“When you allow yourself to share your voice, experiences, and music with the world, you attract people looking to help, collaborate, fund, but most importantly support the work you are doing,” Venturathegay says.  “What you give, you get back” is more than just a quotable saying for Ventura. It is a lived experience for the … Read more“Venturathegay, Moving and Shaking In His Own Way” by Ania Holland

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