Cumbialicious by Estevie

Rising star Estevie (formerly known as Sarah Silva) is ready to introduce the world to hers with the debut EP Cumbialicious  Nice Life (Ricky Reed). Reimagining more traditional sounds from cumbia to regional to pop, the gen-z star is breathing fresh life into the genres’ established heritages with her refreshing and vibrant world as she paints embraced tradition with refreshing … Read moreCumbialicious by Estevie

crack the silence open by Mahlatse P. Mokgope

no one teaches you how tocrack the silence opento find yourself in it. extracting parts of yourselfcarelessly abandonedin your quest for somethingother than your own life. no one teaches you howto abandon the dreamof a testament,only how to abandon yourselfin this quest for more. you can not be a truthful witnessto the life of anotheryou … Read morecrack the silence open by Mahlatse P. Mokgope

Under God, Guheim by Ava Emilione

for abuelita   I learned your real name A week before you died.   Your mother loved the name Gu-heim With its strong, cheerful lilt that always Reminded me of bright green walls And ceramic bowls of white rice Warm to the touch.   At the foot of the church in Puerto Rico Your mother … Read moreUnder God, Guheim by Ava Emilione

Flowers and Tears by Fatihah Quadri 

What is it about grief that keep morphing into synonyms for every beautiful? -Sodiq Oyekanmi.   Tonight, the abnormal weave of the wind, Smites my mind into a down-curving hook, Where the reminiscence of my mother is caught. What does it glint when a woman,  perforates the round cardinal of her eyes into a debacle, … Read moreFlowers and Tears by Fatihah Quadri 

I Woke Up Like This by Amy Deighton

I woke up like this   I don’t have to try to be anything I just am Calmly traversing boundaries in the oasis that is my own body In my veins, there is no separation of blood I am perfectly formed in my mother’s womb Knitted from strands of stories, genes, histories, formed, Eyes unopened … Read moreI Woke Up Like This by Amy Deighton

The New Year Rode in on a Horse by Sean Des Vignes

The new year rode in on a horse. And, as one could guess, its destination was midnight. The moon was blocked  by clouds but there was a light that stars  could not explain. The grassland was green to people but grey to the horse.  It used its eyes to sense danger,  not to see. With … Read moreThe New Year Rode in on a Horse by Sean Des Vignes

Bumble by Sonikka Loganathan

Florescent, as the sun hit,  Shades of pink melting to purple, the centre swirling,       Into black.     Where I hide,  My nectar,       A black bulb, enveloped,    Under thousands of moments of thinking, thinking,       About someone like you  Who would crave Each layer,       so thin,  ​     That … Read moreBumble by Sonikka Loganathan

That Brief Love in a Railway Bogie by Shamik Banerjee

A sleeper coach….both Bengal-bound; Side berths that faced each other; It was a solo trip for me, And you were with your mother.   Our likes turned out to be the same: The rich Masala Tea, And when there were no chaiwallahs, We’d opt for Jhal Moori.   While passing through the vestibule, I saw … Read moreThat Brief Love in a Railway Bogie by Shamik Banerjee

Genova (Are We Wired?) by Ata Zargarof

A row of potted plants in a deserted square.  You said: This one is poisonous.  This one is a weed. This one grows all over Hawaii.  We played soccer with a little boy who was afraid of the ball.  We ate breaded prawns by the pier, a bottle of rosé sweating beside us.  You emptied … Read moreGenova (Are We Wired?) by Ata Zargarof