(Issue 4) Music Feature: Summer Breeze

Interview by Joana Meurkens Photography by India Coombs Summer Breeze is an LA born and bred musician on her journey to expressing her truest self through her art. Summer Breeze talks to artistic director, Joana Meurkens, about how her rigorous dance training has shaped her as an artist and how she celebrates the eccentricity of … Read more(Issue 4) Music Feature: Summer Breeze

“Azrael” by Dwany

Dwany is an NYC based singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor who has just released his debut single “AZRAEL”. An introduction to the world of the illuminated man, a concept birthed by Dwany over quarantine highlighting the issues with idolizing a toxic lover. This time of isolation allowed him to get in touch with his first-ever passion, making music. He took the time to teach himself how to start producing and mixing vocals and AZRAEL was his first product. With soft harmonies and many-layered vocals, he explores the power of just using his voice with minimalistic production. Growing up, Dwany took after artists such as Beyonce and Whitney Houston, recently adding Frank Ocean and Brent Fiyaz to the list of who he draws inspiration from. He is an aspiring artist ready to make a name for himself in the popular music scene. You can check out his music on all streaming platforms

“Create to Express” by Gayathri Krishnan

Gayathri Krishnan is a singer/songwriter from Irvine, California. Her musical roots lie in Indian classical music(Carnatic) as she creates a unique sound, a fusion of her culture and R&B. She stands by the phrase Create to Express as her intention when making music is to empower other creatives to express themselves freely. Her songs carry … Read more“Create to Express” by Gayathri Krishnan

Otros Espacios by Angelina Ruiz

My body of work is entitled Otros Espacios, translating to “Other Spaces” in Spanish. The work is striving to illustrate the bonds within family life. The images display a narrative that bridges the gaps between the past and the present. I use family photos as well as found imagery to draw parallels between the lives of people … Read moreOtros Espacios by Angelina Ruiz

“By My Side” by Sam East

About the Artist: Sam East is a triple threat Korean American singer, songwriter, and music producer hailing from the Greater NY Area. Son of parents who immigrated to Brooklyn in the late 70s, Sam East represents the new wave of contemporary R&B. Crafted from the sounds of a gospel loving mother and a hip-hop loving father, Sam East’s melodic voice … Read more“By My Side” by Sam East

Childhood by Seigar

With this series, I wanted to play with the concept of childhood, using collage from fashion magazines and toys. As I am an intense person, always looking to experience the present, I seem to forget the past. There is not enough place in my mind for all the data, and that includes my childhood memories. … Read moreChildhood by Seigar

Isma Gul Hasan Illustrations

Assertion Gaze Illumination Emergence Resolve About the Artist: Isma Gul Hasan is an illustrator based in Lahore, Pakistan. She received her bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design from Beaconhouse National University in 2017, and completed an MA in Illustration with a distinction from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London in 2020. Her … Read moreIsma Gul Hasan Illustrations

Thumy Phan Digital Design

About the Artist: Thumy Phan is a Vietnamese immigrant illustrator + designer currently based in Oklahoma City. She loves telling stories with her work, specifically BIPOC stories and her own experiences of growing up in the US as a Vietnamese, immigrant, permanent resident raised in the south. To make sure these narratives are heard, loud … Read moreThumy Phan Digital Design

“Fall” in Love With Yourself

Photography TAYLOR MEW & JOANA MEURKENS  Models  TICKLE MHLAMBISO DWANY GUZMAN JOANA MEURKENS  Make-Up  TAYLOR MEW  TICKLE What’s your name/age/pronouns? Tickle! I’m 20 years old and I go by she/her pronouns. What does self care mean to you? Self care means tending to my body’s needs-what is it telling me? What do I crave right … Read more“Fall” in Love With Yourself

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