Staff & Contributor Picks: Musicians That Bring You Comfort

Throughout our lives there are musicians whose work shapes us and is there to guide us through confusing times. Whether that musician is someone who you grew up listening to because your mom loved them, or an artist whose album helped you through a tough breakup, music has the power to comfort us when life seems uncertain. Here is a collection of musicians that hold a special place in the hearts of our team and past contributors. – Joana Meurkens (Artistic Director)

Into the Benidorm Groove by Seigar.

This series is a collection of pop street photography taken in Benidorm, Spain, during a short trip in January 2020. The images bring the essence of the place from an intentionally kitsch point of view, showing the unique personalities, almost like characters from a film. The aim was to play with the stereotypical images of this famous coastal town where everything is possible. As a photographer, I adopted the attitude of a camp spy. Enjoy this popular destination with authentic protagonists! – Seigar

Chyanne Kemp Illustrations

I often find myself a bit overstimulated by life as I know it. Visual art is how I slow down and process all of the people, places, and things that ebb and flow around me – and above all else, the feelings. There is no art without feeling so at the end of the day, I am always grateful to feel. My work bounces around color pallets, allusions, and characters of all kinds – creating it feels just as fun as it is does and I only wish to inspire more whimsy in those who perceive it.

Hello Self-Doubt, Is It You Again? By Mayana Nell Torres

(Art by Mayana Nell Torres) Self-doubt gets in my way more than anything else life throws in my direction, more than pull doors that I constantly push, more than untied shoelaces, or delayed subway trains. But this Debbie Downer named self-doubt isn’t wholly a creation of my own. In a world where the idea of … Read moreHello Self-Doubt, Is It You Again? By Mayana Nell Torres

Olga Vidaurri Paintings

The body of work presented involves the dreamscape as well as self growth. They are a development of my self worth as well as igniting this connection with the self through my identity and dreams. Each work has an aspect that is in relation to what I have experienced as well as the general notions … Read moreOlga Vidaurri Paintings

Staff Pick: Skin Care Product

Hello Mixed Mag Community! I’m Kimber Monroe, and I will be taking over the Health, Sex & Wellness section while our EIC Carolina Meurkens is on maternity leave! To start off, I wanted to talk about essential skin care products. Skin care skyrocketed in 2020 like never before, and I wanted our team to share … Read moreStaff Pick: Skin Care Product

Unhappy Feet by Yella Soyland

I am Gabby “Yella” Soyland, 16, Filipino-Norwegian. “The Unhappy Feet” is my take on finding myself, I wanted to really tackle my sexuality and how from a young age I never felt at home in my own body. Whenever I watched my movies and shows, I would always want to be the leading man to … Read moreUnhappy Feet by Yella Soyland

The Third Korean Wave (Hallyu 3.0) & its Cultural Significance in the U.S by Paola Fernandez

Photos from left to right: TWICE: PopSugar Magazine BLACKPINK: Youtube Music BLACKPINK WebpageBTS: Getty Images Designed by: Paola FernandezInspiration from: Najeebah Al-Ghadban:WIRED Magazine May I Borrow Your Covid Immunity? South Korean pop music or “K-POP” has revolutionized the 21st century world with its effortless choreography and smoother than butter vocal performances. Fans feel a profound connection to … Read moreThe Third Korean Wave (Hallyu 3.0) & its Cultural Significance in the U.S by Paola Fernandez

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