Louie Elser Music

Louie Elser is an independent producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter. Based between the San Francisco Bay Area and Paris, France, Elser is self taught, self produced, and self managed. She defines herself as an electronic musician interested in new wave music such as dream pop and dark synth sounds, as well as the emerging bedroom … Read moreLouie Elser Music

“For the Weekend” Music Video by She Loves Boon

She Loves Boon is a 24-year-old artist born and raised in New York City. At the age of 10, he began writing his own songs after first being exposed to Linkin Park. While growing up his influences consisted of a range of sounds, from Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Frank Ocean to Phoenix and MGMT. This versatility is something he likes to bring into his music, branching into an experimental realm that ties all of his ideas and influences together. She Loves Boon began releasing music in 2017 and has always been involved with the entire creative process of his work, whether it be working in Ableton to co-produce his tracks, making video treatments, engineering, or art directing.

Rollerskating Never Died by Brittany Zendejas

Photos by Brittany Zendejas It’s an unusually warm day in Oakland, California. Everything shines when it catches the light of the sun. On the basketball courts, small wheels sparkle as they zigzag across the blacktop. Funky music is blasting through the old school boombox parked in the middle of the courts, the neon spray-painted letters … Read moreRollerskating Never Died by Brittany Zendejas

Brandy’s Cinderella Is Suffering From Institutional Memory Loss By Thai Harris Singer

The turn of the 20th century was an era obsessed with the fantasy of “post-racial America.” Driven by the excitement and the fear of an impending multiracial society, the post-racial America myth was and continues to be, a belief that racism can be solved by higher rates of interracial marriage, a new generation of “caramel … Read moreBrandy’s Cinderella Is Suffering From Institutional Memory Loss By Thai Harris Singer

Pola Dobrzynski Artwork

Pola Dobrzynski is a first generation queer creative from New York. Her work is informed by a passion for familial legacy, introspection, and creating vulnerable spaces. Weaving media and creating work that is both archival and collage-like in nature, Pola’s work explores themes of emotional connectivity, resilience, and healing. In 2018, Pola started as Community Engagement Manager at For Freedoms, where she assisted with collaborations with The ICP Museum, Guardian US, The Currier Museum of Art, UNTITLED Art Fair, The Betsy Hotel, and Photoville. She has also served as a freelance digital media specialist for the Vision and Justice Project at Harvard University, and freelance coordinator for the Guild of Future Architects.

Chewing Gum Review by Annoushka Clear

Michaela Coel’s first TV series, Chewing Gum, is somewhat less well known than her 2020 smash hit, I May Destroy You. The latter recently came back into conversation after the Golden Globes winners were announced. IMDY, which was not nominated for any Golden Globe awards, was widely compared to Emily in Paris, which won two. … Read moreChewing Gum Review by Annoushka Clear

Black Swan – A Lyrical Analysis by Shreya Raj

Illustration by MoonRayy “A dancer dies twice – once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful”  – Martha Graham (Black Swan Art Film)  Original Lyrics Translation  The heart no longer races When hearing the music play Seems like time has stopped Oh that would be my first death I’ve been … Read moreBlack Swan – A Lyrical Analysis by Shreya Raj

The Beauty of International Films and Television By Brittany Zendejas

For decades, people have been relying on subtitles to watch films and television that are outside of their native language. What was once considered artistic is now about accessibility and inclusion. Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix all feature access to film and television in an array of languages. Many popular shows such as “Lupin” (France), … Read moreThe Beauty of International Films and Television By Brittany Zendejas

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