A WOMAN by ROHI (click for video)

Finding humor in the irony that life tends to dish out, this artist takes her audience on a psychological journey through her emotional battle ground. This piece of work is part of her ROHIxNHO project in which ROHI continues to reveal her intimate perception of life while exposing her own vulnerabilities, in doing so invites … Read moreA WOMAN by ROHI (click for video)

chased gold by Sam Park

there is gold in my veins;that is why i am considered a delicacy it seems not for all fools,but for fools with a fetish… they rush in my direction(simply for my complexion) and i endure it to protectthe vessel that reflects the inner flecks of delicate giltthat flake and flow beneath my flesh. my culture … Read morechased gold by Sam Park

misdiagnosis by Debasis Tripathy

Breaking the protocols, I enter this privileged world,Uninvited, and resolve to hang in here, just likeA famous madman who had adopted a godless religionAnd filled the white pages with sacred profanities. My condition is diagnosed as unreasonableness,And they prescribe a heavy dose of practicality;bitter pills, meant for midlife menopause. I protest,But I am pregnant with … Read moremisdiagnosis by Debasis Tripathy

A Ray of Hope by Victoria Acuna

Good Morning, The sun has risen again to find me laying in bed.Its rays beam through the curtainless windows,Oranges, yellows, and reds, all translucent and mystic,Fill the room with their dreamy hellos. Never seen a purer sight. What a day to have awoken to.Pure bliss floats through the air. Something good will surely arrive today. … Read moreA Ray of Hope by Victoria Acuna

!01011 by Elizabeth Nguyen

Why do I live in a wrld,Where my strengths are LIAbilities?I am now the dull boy.Where efficiency is GOLD,Long work hours as currency.Tell me my input/output,I run through the motions of !feeling,Hardened by the reality of life,Beaten down by what I could never be,The robot I am. Elizabeth is a current student at Stanford studying … Read more!01011 by Elizabeth Nguyen

Lost Tongue by Violette Taylor

Spanish left our family tongue a fewgenerations ago, it was buriedwith my great-grandmother as shetried to make her children more palatable I feel it finding its way back to methrough the friends I meetand the music with a beatI can’t help but try to sing I can’t help but wonder what storieswill never get to … Read moreLost Tongue by Violette Taylor

carnations by Miranda Magaña

somehowcarnations seem to find mesix feet below and behind me,in crystal vases,on the namesake of the streeton my skin,in the inkand now, in the granite stonewhere i never thoughtwe’d have to meet. Miranda Magaña is a self-taught artist born and raised in Oxnard, California. She graduated UCLA in 2021, majoring in Spanish and Portuguese & … Read morecarnations by Miranda Magaña

My Mother Eve by Mia Altamuro

Artwork by Andrea Miranda I am my Mother Eve’s child;I always want the one thingI can’t have. the entire world in front of me,the life I could live,and I want to feel you breathe on me,to love me for the fuck of it. I’m in a gardenwith everything I needsurrounding me,yet I am Eve’s daughter, … Read moreMy Mother Eve by Mia Altamuro

Girls in our shrines by Zakiyyah Dzukogi

forgive our artthat’s yet to come,we are girlsfrom our shrines,like the flowerbefore God,we’ll beat drumsfor prayerson our hands—wake in the terraced house,the cost of our poetry isn’ta thousand note Zakiyyah Dzukogi is the author of Carved (a poetry collection); winner of the Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors, 2021, a prize she had earlier won the … Read moreGirls in our shrines by Zakiyyah Dzukogi

Embracing Me by Jasmine Washington

When I run my hands through my hairAnd feel all the kink and coilsWith tender careI feel warmthI feel loveI feel happinessI feel acceptanceI feel the naturalness of meAnd I embrace itI like what I feel and I like what I see Jasmine Washington is a Black woman from Houston, Texas who works as a … Read moreEmbracing Me by Jasmine Washington

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