Three Poems by Ebube J

Canines.  There’s this picture of James Baldwin and Nina Simone, he has his arm  around  her, and is smiling with all his teeth. James has huge long teeth.  He is holding his friend, his Nina, as if to say there  will be no use for this turmoil of living if not  for friendships and happiness … Read moreThree Poems by Ebube J

Egypt is pleading for the rosetta stone to be returned by Anaïs Peterson

Egypt is pleading for the rosetta stone to be returned  It was the way they spoke, screaming in storms that created a space for me in times I felt inarticulate. My tongue tied by years of repeated ideas, “Miss”, and being portrayed as bossy. I was a mouth that held a thousand strangled tongues my … Read moreEgypt is pleading for the rosetta stone to be returned by Anaïs Peterson

Grandma Lulu by Zach Murphy

The savory smell of Grandma Lulu’s roasted pork and rosemary potatoes drifted into the living room as Wheel of Fortune played on the television. Riley sat worrying about what might happen if he went back to mom and dad’s house. So he captured the scent in a jar and hoped it’d last forever. Zach Murphy … Read moreGrandma Lulu by Zach Murphy

I am Not a Woman by Maud Acheampong

Even if I peeled off my skin and revealed the porcelain white Skeleton that lives inside of me, I think my pelvic bone would give me away. I would’ve moved the mountain on my chest but the bones would be too smooth. Too delicate. My frame is not massive enough. They would call me “Skeleton … Read moreI am Not a Woman by Maud Acheampong

(Issue 1) Theater, Film & TV Feature: Iris Beaumier

Interview by Maya Renee Castro & Carolina Meurkens Photography by Joana Meurkens Iris Beaumier is a proud New Yorker and first generation immigrant of French and Ghanaian descent. She is an actor/ singer/ filmmaker with a passion for environmentalism and social change. Iris and I met as freshmen at LaGuardia High School Music & Art … Read more(Issue 1) Theater, Film & TV Feature: Iris Beaumier

(Issue 1) Art Feature: Miss Fellatia

Interview by Kimber Monroe. Photography by Joana Meurkens Tony Grunin and I first met in the seventh grade at Professional Performing Arts School. We were immediately drawn to each other. While I was incredibly shy and nervous, Tony was always unapologetically himself. Over the past 12 years, we’ve suffered through middle school bullies, high school … Read more(Issue 1) Art Feature: Miss Fellatia

CLOUDLOGIC by Robert Alexander Wray

CHARACTERS  Kate  Joan  Becca  TIME  Present  PLACE  A mountain overlook  (KATE, JOAN and BECCA, on the edge of a clifftop)  KATE  …It’s a short walk…Just a few short steps and you’re…  BECCA  Off the cliff.  JOAN  Splat.  KATE  …This is where I go when I need peace. I sit here, on this rock, look out … Read moreCLOUDLOGIC by Robert Alexander Wray

EDITORS’ PICK: Representation

by Maya Renee Castro I wanted to include an editors’ pick so y’all, our beautiful viewers, can get to know us, your amazing editors. I also wanted to showcase our TV/Film/Theater picks because although it may feel like all you see are white stories or stories of the oppressor, our stories have been here for … Read moreEDITORS’ PICK: Representation

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