From Palestine, With Love by Citrine Ghraowi

I can see the rage shaking in my bones, cracked ribspassed down from generation to generationOur mere existence is a threat to allas it should beFor I don’t just feel my angerbut my mothers my sitosmy khalos my aunties I can feel the memories of their past lives in Gaza in the way they describe … Read moreFrom Palestine, With Love by Citrine Ghraowi

Shaqui Reed: Designer & Artist

Shaqui Reed’s work examines areas of imperfections expressed by irregularity, incompleteness, rawness, and simplicity. Her designs typically involve deconstructing, distressing, layering, and piecing together what is left behind. Her textile works speak of the color and texture of her fears. Her fears are represented through the roughness of the denim and the different shades of … Read moreShaqui Reed: Designer & Artist

“Optemos” by Vanessa Zamora ft Caloncho

‘OPTEMOS’ is a song that I wrote during a moment of uncertainty and disconnection with myself. Inspired by waking up every day on automatic pilot and believing the lie that I am happy in a place that does not allow me to grow. It is the assimilation that You are no longer happy and that … Read more“Optemos” by Vanessa Zamora ft Caloncho

Metal & Stone Creations by Lizette Bez

Metal & Stone Creations is a handmade jewelry brand embodying the raw and refined characteristics of the natural world. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques and natural stones, I use colors and symbols into the designs and each piece carries the mark of handmade craftsmanship. The love for nature goes beyond design – each piece is created … Read moreMetal & Stone Creations by Lizette Bez

Creating No Matter The Medium: IBI HAN’s Muse by Ania B. Holland

“I introduced myself as an actress, not as a singer, which is so weird, but lately, in the back of my head, I’m like, you’re both now.” A dewy Friday morning, just before sunrise, IBI HAN gathered her close friend, a camera, an outfit change, and piled her belongings into an Uber. While brainstorming the … Read moreCreating No Matter The Medium: IBI HAN’s Muse by Ania B. Holland

Frankie Designer: Changing the 2-6 Community & Beyond by BabyG

“There’s no such thing as luck. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity” – Amy Hempel The 2-6 community is no stranger to what is hot or not in the fashion industry nowadays.Fashion designers are in more demand now than they ever were before.People want to create a name for themselves and create a lasting image … Read moreFrankie Designer: Changing the 2-6 Community & Beyond by BabyG

(Issue 10) Art Feature: Cristina Loukopoulos

In this interview, rising painter and textile designer Cristina Loukopoulos tells Artistic Director Joana Meurkens about her journey of self discovery through her art; from reclaiming and redefining femininity to how her Queens roots infused with her Greek and Colombia heritage live through her paintings.  Interview by Joana Meurkens Photography by Joana Meurkens Styling by … Read more(Issue 10) Art Feature: Cristina Loukopoulos

Jessica Carvajal Artwork

Analog Artwork H2CO3 This piece illustrates the consequences of human activity on marine life and air quality, the graphic interpretation shows the reaction of the natural dissolution of daily CO2 emissions by the oceans which forms carbonic acid H2CO3 and thus increases the concentration of the hydrogen ion, which is responsible for the decrease in … Read moreJessica Carvajal Artwork

“Twisted Colors” by The Red Pears

The Red Pears returned last month to introduce a new era of music this summer marked by their first release “Not In The Cards.” Now, they are ready to share their latest single “Twisted Colours.” Originally conceptualized during the initial days of the band’s formation, the track’s final form reinvents their beginnings into a fully … Read more“Twisted Colors” by The Red Pears

“Jilladelphia” by Hyghed

Jilladelphia” is an ode to both Jill Scott as well as the city. Hyghed tries to show the beauty behind the City of Brotherly Love while incorporating a plethora of landmarks from each part of town throughout this visual. The song & video is a classic. Even with all the adversity people face on the daily basis, … Read more“Jilladelphia” by Hyghed