New Mixed Music by Aleksander (Issue 10)

Discover the newest releases from both established and obscure artists around the world, who maybe you did or didn’t know were mixed! Send us your favorite mixed artists to add to our radar! Aleksander is a mixed Norwegian and Armenian-American creative, mutual aid organizer and playlist lover based between New York and Oslo. Follow his … Read moreNew Mixed Music by Aleksander (Issue 10)

“Space” by Descendent

“My new single ‘Space’ featuring iamchelseaiam and produced by Arthur Ray is the second single from my new EP “Mentally Drained” coming in the Summer of ’21. The song comes from the emotion of ending a relationship and one person wants to be friends, but the other does not, wanting space from the situation. Needing … Read more“Space” by Descendent

“Jilladelphia” by Hyghed

Jilladelphia” is an ode to both Jill Scott as well as the city. Hyghed tries to show the beauty behind the City of Brotherly Love while incorporating a plethora of landmarks from each part of town throughout this visual. The song & video is a classic. Even with all the adversity people face on the daily basis, … Read more“Jilladelphia” by Hyghed

“In the Cold” by Haley Grey and Lily Stern

This song was probably one of the hardest songs to write emotionally. It came out of a time when I was so depressed I wasn’t writing or singing at all. It took me months until I felt like I could seriously face the issues/memories that were bothering me the most. So writing the song forced … Read more“In the Cold” by Haley Grey and Lily Stern

NEVERNOTHING by sectiontoo

“I released this album on June 15th of last year. George Floyd had just died a few days before so the country was in utter turmoil. I decided to use this opportunity for people to purchase this album and I donated all of the process (over $1500) to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, … Read moreNEVERNOTHING by sectiontoo

‘To Stars 2″ by Zakhele and Dunn

‘To Stars 2 is the second installment in a series of joint projects by the producer/rapper duo consisting of NY artists, Zakhele and Dunn. This is the first full-length album by the two, though at just under 21 minutes long, it certainly doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. The album’s sample-ridden production, thoughtfully carried out by Zakhele, serves as a fitting backdrop for Dunn to lay … Read more‘To Stars 2″ by Zakhele and Dunn

Did the NYPD Lie About the Spike in Crime After George Floyd? by James Taichi Collins

Illustration by iggdeh Well, we did it, New York. We had seven major candidates for the Democratic mayoral primary, and we picked the absolute worst one. We are about to elect a right-wing, corporatist, gun-toting Democrat as the city’s next mayor. It’s going to be Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams: a landlord whose campaign was … Read moreDid the NYPD Lie About the Spike in Crime After George Floyd? by James Taichi Collins

“Pretty Pop” by ALIAS!

ALIAS! is emerging artist from the DMV! She is introducing this new sound wave called “Pretty Pop” which is music that is infused with hyperpop, house and hip hop. She is what the future needs expanding on different genres creating a unit within one. ALIAS! is ahead of her time and will be making her … Read more“Pretty Pop” by ALIAS!

Work by Lael Salaets

“The process of my colored pencil work involve shapes of value assembled into form and space. Subject matter of still life projects depict objects that have been worn, utilized, which may present a story for the viewer.“ Lael Salaets studied fine art and design at the University of Oregon and Lane Community College, where he … Read moreWork by Lael Salaets

Tatianna Malee Artwork

“My name is Tatianna Malee, aka miss malee, and I am a queer POC artist living in my head. I am a multidisciplinary visual artist, utilizing painting, drawing, photography, writing, and installation to convey feeling, send a message, or simply hold space for me and my audience. With a vulnerable and open approach to my … Read moreTatianna Malee Artwork

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