Artwork by Jolina Johnson

Jo is a 19 year old multimedia artist based in the Gurnee/Waukegan area. She finds inspiration from personal experiences and her overall everyday life. While being into art all of her life it wasn’t until the pandemic where her main focus was to create. Her style fluctuates depending on how shes feeling in that moment … Read moreArtwork by Jolina Johnson

(Issue 11) Music Feature: Myles Cameron

Interview by Sherin Nassar You want Myles Cameron to make it. He’s got talent- his latest work says it all- but there is something about his optimism that has you rooting for him. He has that fresh eye ready to take on the world spirit that you sometimes wonder if people just lose at 25. … Read more(Issue 11) Music Feature: Myles Cameron

“Grey” by Cisco Swank

“Grey is a song about getting through. The majority of the song was written during quarantine which was definitely a time of overcoming trials and tribulations. That idea of seeing the light at the the end of the tunnel was definitely a focus on this song both sonically and lyrically. Especially parts where I repeat … Read more“Grey” by Cisco Swank

(Issue 11) Poetry Feature: Malik Thompson

Interview, Makeup, and Creative Direction by Zawadi Carroll Photography by Vanessa dos Santos DC’s rapidly gentrifying art scene has experienced cutthroat changes over the past decade. Several of the city’s natives, many of them young artists, have been pushed to the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia for more affordable and humane living conditions. The poetry … Read more(Issue 11) Poetry Feature: Malik Thompson

Hair Stories: (Zawadi)

Interview by Carolina Meurkens, Photography by Vanessa dos Santos In a society that values whiteness and one’s ability to approximate it, hair can be a battleground. In Hair Stories, we wrestle with what it means to love yourself through your relationship with hair and others’ perception of it. Through interviews with our editors, contributors and … Read moreHair Stories: (Zawadi)

Heaven On Earth by Z.N. Han

Artwork by @Rachcreates_ Time moves like molasses sliding down the side of a jar – in a good way.  She sure as hell had known her fair share of molasses moments that were not of the positive variety. But as time once again slows down in that inexplicable way, the former assassin feels a peace … Read moreHeaven On Earth by Z.N. Han

Vacio by Jarina de Marco & Empress Of

Dynamic electro-pop artists Jarina De Marco and Empress Of team up on latest single “Vacío,” a declaration of empowerment that lives within the individual spirit. Jarina recently announced the single, out on Thursday, September 2, via her socials and has now announced her special feature, Empress Of (Lorely Rodriguez). The eclectic duo channel their longtime … Read moreVacio by Jarina de Marco & Empress Of

The White Boyfriend by Roxanne Nagarwalla

Artwork by Francois-Henri Galland Your white boyfriend likes to eat, and he eats a lot.  Your white boyfriend says he wants to go to your ‘father’s restaurant’, meaning he is craving Indian food. He chuckles at his own joke. Your father is in New York and works in finance.  Your white boyfriend and you eat … Read moreThe White Boyfriend by Roxanne Nagarwalla

Black, Asexual and Flowing: Who Are We? by Arthur Araujo

Getting to know yourself is a process that seems to take a lifetime. Sometimes we know more about the world around us than the palms of our hands, or the texture of our skin, or our tastes. There were times where I could swear it was easier to understand the reasons why the sky looked … Read moreBlack, Asexual and Flowing: Who Are We? by Arthur Araujo

Don’t Forget to Breathe by Malik Temple

While navigating a clinical depression that had start to consume more of my life, an oppressive job with a boss that was synonymous to Joseph Stalin as I’m trying to teach underserved students during a pandemic, balancing financial struggles during a time of financial turmoil, and trying to find peace in MY black experience in … Read moreDon’t Forget to Breathe by Malik Temple

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