Brand By’s Winter Collection // Tamia Johnson Collaboration

By Tanya Sheikh Brand By is a lifestyle brand fusing art and community in bringing people together through collaboration,. Featuring both artist collaborations and stand alone collections, we explore different themes that are then translated into easy to wear pieces. Brand By works with businesses and creatives from the community to bring each collection to … Read moreBrand By’s Winter Collection // Tamia Johnson Collaboration

And That Was That by Jackson McAlister

[The Beginning of My Conscious’ Enlightenment]  “Though Kameny did not have a word for it yet, by exposing the arbitrary logic of the purges with his own, contrary logic, he formulated gay pride as a political tool of resistance, a weapon to be wielded…”  – Eric Cervini, author of  The Deviant’s War, the Homosexual  vs. … Read moreAnd That Was That by Jackson McAlister

Representation Matters by Noah Westfall

Every decade the United States conducts a national census to count the population and identify demographic trends. The recent 2020 census revealed notable population changes including a decrease in the proportion of the population that identifies as White-alone and a dramatic increase in the proportion of the population identifying as multiracial. Now, two years later … Read moreRepresentation Matters by Noah Westfall

9 Days For Us by Selena Kuikahi

INT. GRANDMOTHER’S HOUSE – EVENING A picture of an old Filipino man hangs above the fireplace adorned with flowers and candles. People are sitting in folding chairs at the front of the room. A standing CROWD fills the empty space in the living room reaching back into the kitchen. GERALDINE, a 25-year-old Filipino woman, sits … Read more9 Days For Us by Selena Kuikahi

How Are You? by Minh Pham

INT. GROCERY STORE – DAY ALINA (22F, tired, going through it) browses the smoothies & juices in the produce section. She keeps raising her hand to grab something but hesitates, and never does. TIFFANY (O.S.) Alina? TIFFANY (22F, naturally pretty, put-together in a way that makes you feel bad about yourself) is all of a … Read moreHow Are You? by Minh Pham

The Doll Master by Ilnaz Faizal

EXT. FACTORY – DAY  A large, shabby factory stands in the middle of nowhere. The outline of buildings can be seen in the distance. Occasional cawing breaks the silence.  A crow sits on a telephone pole. It soars down and lands on a window-sill that leads into the main factory floor.  INT. FACTORY – CONTINUOUS  … Read moreThe Doll Master by Ilnaz Faizal

Sex, Guilt, and Spiders by Mateo Omar

In some of my previous work, and in two pieces of which I spoke briefly about in a previous issue of Mixed Mag (June 2021), I aimed to center my pieces around some of the main facets of my identity: my ancestry, my culture, my pride, and the aspects in which colonialism has disconnected me … Read moreSex, Guilt, and Spiders by Mateo Omar

Acne, A Manifesto (minus the Studios) 

By Chiugo Akujuobi  Many won’t believe what I’m about to say; however, I truly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s cheesy, it’s cliché, but that doesn’t erase the adage’s truth. Beauty standards fluctuate, transform, and detour given the time period, the continent, the country, the city, the culture, religion, ethnic group, … Read moreAcne, A Manifesto (minus the Studios) 

Are Men Outdated? by Lulu Kirtchuk

Illustration by Andrea Miranda Once the esteemed breadwinners in a world where penetrative sex still ruled supreme, men reigned upon their high pedestals… power, in the palm of their hand. However, as the years have passed and women have come to uncover the secrets of stocks and clitoral stimulation, the tall pedestals have come crashing … Read moreAre Men Outdated? by Lulu Kirtchuk

Time & Rituals

By Seigar This collage series explores the concepts of social rites and their connection to the passing of time. The compositions portray different motives for social gatherings such as music, sports, drinking, eating, party, love, religion, travel, and fashion. The pop prism brings some drama and tension pulsating through the clocks ticking from one generation … Read moreTime & Rituals

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