(Issue 15) Dance Feature: Aaliyah Thanisha

On Dancehall & Family History: In Conversation With Aaliyah Thanisha Interview by Naomi Joshi Aaliyah Thanisha is a Jamaican-German professional dancer, performer & artist, based in Berlin. On a frosty day in Germany, interviewer Naomi Joshi had the pleasure of hosting Aaliyah at her kitchen table. The two spoke for hours over coffee & cigarettes, … Read more(Issue 15) Dance Feature: Aaliyah Thanisha

(Issue 15) Music Feature: Jame Minogue

Interview by Sherin Nassar The hill I’ll die is on that Arabs and Latinos are the remix no one expected, but is truly all the rage. To me, Latinos are just like us (Arabs)- we love a big family, we go crazy over food and love to give side eye to anything that lacks flavor … Read more(Issue 15) Music Feature: Jame Minogue

I Didn’t Know Much by Nwokedi Kenechukwu

Photo Source: Instagram @therealkaycee_  I didn’t know much, but I knew this was funny: The man who cheated on me a few days after we began a relationship sent me a one-thousand word breakup text beginning with a Maya Angelou quote – you know, the slightly annoying one about “people showing you who they are … Read moreI Didn’t Know Much by Nwokedi Kenechukwu

(Issue 15) Prose Feature: Chloe Dulce Louvouezo

Interview by Carolina Meurkens and Selvi Bunce Chloe Dulce Louvouezo is a Congolese-American author, mother, and advocate for women whose work is driven by discourse on identity and healing. She is author of Life, I Swear: Intimate Stories from Black Women on Identity, Healing, and Self-Trust (HarperCollins Publishers, November 2021), through which she explores nuances … Read more(Issue 15) Prose Feature: Chloe Dulce Louvouezo

Chuddies by Marise Phillips

Image by artist duo Sacrée Frangine (@sacree_frangine) My best friend through high school was Indian by way of South Africa. She introduced me to her parents with pride: ‘Marise is more Indian than all of us, she was actually born there!’ When I first heard that, I was mortified. To me, her Gujurati family, the … Read moreChuddies by Marise Phillips

“Naked” by Mimi Mutesa & Selvi M. Bunce – Reviewed by Capri Huffman

Photo by Mimi Mutesa 4 stars Naked: the honest musings of 2 brown women is a wide-ranging and fearlessly vulnerable collection of poetry by Mimi Mutesa and Selvi M. Bunce on everything from race to love, family to mental health, accompanied by lovely illustrations by Mutesa. In different sections, it explores the complexities of having … Read more“Naked” by Mimi Mutesa & Selvi M. Bunce – Reviewed by Capri Huffman

Artwork by Jamae Tasker

Instagram: mamaladysmix Images: First row, left to right “For the Love of Gospel,” “Healing from All Directions,” and “Blissed” Second row, left to right “Fragrant Dreams,” “Sea Me,” and “Traveler” Third row, left to right “Fertile Quietude,” “The Slow Soften,” “Love’s Layers” Fourth row, left to right “Unleash Your Spirit,” and “Growing Pains” About the … Read moreArtwork by Jamae Tasker

Wait for the Sun by Devon Hulick

We fell asleep in a bush the other day It sounds unpleasant but it was just what we needed You see we were all just trying to escape the things we weren’t ready to face yet Laying under the dome of the branches watching the sunrise through the leaves gave all three of us hope … Read moreWait for the Sun by Devon Hulick

Artwork by Erasto Matthews

Instagram: @ErastoArtsFacebook: @ErastoArtsWebsite: www.ErastoArts.com Images: left column, top to bottom “Saltwater Kid” and “I Am” right column, top to bottom “Soul on Ice,” “Eyes of a child,” “We’ve Always Mattered,” and “Father, Father” About the Artist Born in Reading, Pennsylvania and raised in East Orange, New Jersey, Erasto Curtis Matthews moved to the Washington DC area … Read moreArtwork by Erasto Matthews

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