Wait for the Sun by Devon Hulick

We fell asleep in a bush the other day It sounds unpleasant but it was just what we needed You see we were all just trying to escape the things we weren’t ready to face yet Laying under the dome of the branches watching the sunrise through the leaves gave all three of us hope … Read moreWait for the Sun by Devon Hulick

Artwork by Erasto Matthews

Instagram: @ErastoArtsFacebook: @ErastoArtsWebsite: www.ErastoArts.com Images: left column, top to bottom “Saltwater Kid” and “I Am” right column, top to bottom “Soul on Ice,” “Eyes of a child,” “We’ve Always Mattered,” and “Father, Father” About the Artist Born in Reading, Pennsylvania and raised in East Orange, New Jersey, Erasto Curtis Matthews moved to the Washington DC area … Read moreArtwork by Erasto Matthews

Fugitive Flower Names by Alan Swope

Some names escape me,  here one day, gone the next.  “Magnolia” disappears,  an ancient genus, magnolia, but I forget the word— a pearl lost in murky waters  despite all my groping in the mud. (Ah, the mud. Might a pure lotus  rise from this ooze?) Without warning, the word returns, big and bright as a … Read moreFugitive Flower Names by Alan Swope

Social Media As Performance Art: ‘Expressions of Social Nonconformity Through the Merging of Art and Life’ by Trinity Townsend

Illustration by iggdeh Social media as performance art: ‘expressions of social nonconformity through the merging of art and life’ Humans have been engaging in performance as a form of communication for millenia. But the integration of performance and art or ‘Performance Art’, began with Italian Futurists. They believed that “performance is the only way to … Read moreSocial Media As Performance Art: ‘Expressions of Social Nonconformity Through the Merging of Art and Life’ by Trinity Townsend

The New American Gothic by Mario Felix

Filled with pained accomplishment.  “Por fin, lo logramos.”  “We made it.”  “Este sacrificio lo hicimos para ti…”  And we made it because you made it.  We made it past -and despite the lecciones machistas de tu padre.  We made it past the gentle beatings de cucharas, cinturones, and electrical wire.  (And the brutal beatings of … Read moreThe New American Gothic by Mario Felix

Being Grandma by Cynthia Yancey

Image by Alex Lau The old lady Sophie had become was more than a fool for kids. It was in the end that she first began to see how her magnetic attraction toward babies, especially her babies, was affected by her terribly troubled childhood. So much more than a puppy phenomenon, she saw past their … Read moreBeing Grandma by Cynthia Yancey

Artwork by Sian Fan

http://www.sianfan.com Instagram: @sianfan Images: Stills from “Lotus Root” About the Artist Sian Fan is an interdisciplinary artist working in London. Her work combines movement, the female body and technology to explore embodiment, spirituality and human experience in the digital age. Drawing on her background in contemporary and aerial dance she suspends, fragments and augments the … Read moreArtwork by Sian Fan

Perfect Dichotomy by Amber Lee Varnado

Image by: Tyler Devon Holmes (she/they) instagram: @tydoesarts Everything is shallow until one day it is not. Things become great, and big and powerful in ways you never knew. Old sayings begin to hold a heavy weight, and what was inconsequential has now festered deep roots. Entrenched and tangled in the vines of your body, … Read morePerfect Dichotomy by Amber Lee Varnado

The Old Home Place by Vivian Lawry

Image source: https://www.freeimages.com/photo/wooden-bridge-1-1406385 Daddy’d turn south off Route 60 onto KY 32 about halfway between Morehead and Elliottville, near Hogtown, rumble across the wooden-plank bridge that had no sides, then follow the dirt road and the creek that cut through the hills just there. When Old House Creek was running low, we’d just splash on … Read moreThe Old Home Place by Vivian Lawry

Artwork by Yaloo

http://www.yaloopop.com Instagram: @yalooreality Image: Seaweed Garden Image: Still from “Birthday Garden” About the Artist Yaloo is a visual artist from South Korea working with digital media. Through her work, she explores contemporary consumer culture and symbolism in the context of her Asian cultural heritage, and the impacts of the abundance of digital media in our … Read moreArtwork by Yaloo

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