The Old Home Place by Vivian Lawry

Image source: Daddy’d turn south off Route 60 onto KY 32 about halfway between Morehead and Elliottville, near Hogtown, rumble across the wooden-plank bridge that had no sides, then follow the dirt road and the creek that cut through the hills just there. When Old House Creek was running low, we’d just splash on … Read moreThe Old Home Place by Vivian Lawry

Artwork by Yaloo Instagram: @yalooreality Image: Seaweed Garden Image: Still from “Birthday Garden” About the Artist Yaloo is a visual artist from South Korea working with digital media. Through her work, she explores contemporary consumer culture and symbolism in the context of her Asian cultural heritage, and the impacts of the abundance of digital media in our … Read moreArtwork by Yaloo

Sea Glass by Dinamarie Isola

Photo by Pete Godfrey It didn’t take much to seduce her. The pressing hot hand of the sun turned her bones to honey. A groggy haze swept over Dani, leaving her unable to move.  The swoosh of the waves mingled with squeals from children at the water’s edge. When she was a small girl, her … Read moreSea Glass by Dinamarie Isola

Flying Nuns by Pamela Kaye

Photo Credit: Dave Rusk My wife and I finally settled into a financially and physically secure retirement. Two years ago, we bought our forever home, unpacked boxes that had been in storage, and eased into the next chapter of life; for me, this included writing, painting, crafting, and grandchildren. This week we’re packing boxes and … Read moreFlying Nuns by Pamela Kaye

Artwork by Dan Rocky

Instagram: @danrockyy Images: Top row, from left to right: “Disgusted,” “Defiant,” and “Future of No where” Images: Bottom row, from left to right: “Let’s Talk About It” and “Deer Woman” based on Creek Mythology About the Artist Dan Rocky is an indigenous based artist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They fluidly work between fiber mediums and digital … Read moreArtwork by Dan Rocky

Thick as a Brick: Masonry’s Response by Mike Cohen

Image source: The god of cannibals will be a cannibal… —Ralph Waldo Emerson Don’t look around so surprised that a brick is talking to you.  I’m compelled to speak because someone inside the building where I have been installed has been playing over and over those ridiculous sixties and seventies British albums—so-called classics—Thick as … Read moreThick as a Brick: Masonry’s Response by Mike Cohen

Too Honest and Pure of Heart by Tobie Helene Shapiro

Artwork by Meyshe, created at the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, CA. appeared first on “Will I be a good father?” He was ten. He hadn’t even been correctly diagnosed yet. There was something wrong. Or at least there was something that wasn’t right. “Will I be a good father?” What boy contemplates … Read moreToo Honest and Pure of Heart by Tobie Helene Shapiro

Mind Over Matter For The Uncouth by Sheriff Olanrewaju

It takes a savvy hunter to teach that the size of a dog’s canine tooth is no guarantor for constant cassoulet, As living in a mansion is no automatic mirror of affluence and peace. If only she knew that integrity is the plinth- Upon which success berths; she wouldn’t abandon the matrimonial house, and promiscuous … Read moreMind Over Matter For The Uncouth by Sheriff Olanrewaju

Mother’s Hands by Yebecca

Image source: Chop Suey Club Shoved with a xenophobic passion, Elizabeth toppled to all fours like a creature. She was an object or something to be objectified. He spat at her like she deserved a punishment, like she was a kitten who wouldn’t meow for this disgruntled man. The chalky cement gnawed at her fragile … Read moreMother’s Hands by Yebecca

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