L.L by Luna Luna

After starting the year being named one of Rolling Stone’s “10 Latin Acts Set To Make It Big In 2023,” the Austin-based, Dallas-raised band has released their next d EP L.L. – a compilation of tracks that steers their booming career and signature lovelorn indie dream-bedroom pop sound, into a fuller, more mastered sound that takes listeners from their … Read moreL.L by Luna Luna

Merry Milk Punch! by Bianca Sterling

Got Milk Punch? Gift it! And have a hooch-filled holiday season Gift-giving season has arrived, or rather, is approaching at a frightening speed. For those of us who have decided we are going to *totally crush* this holiday season, it’s time to get crafty. Gift giving can be tricky, and there always seems to be … Read moreMerry Milk Punch! by Bianca Sterling

Ode to Pumpkin Pie by Ata Zargarof

These days, twilight comes early. My body is confused, its rhythms in disarray. By 4:00 pm, my eyelids are drooping; I yield easily to the comforter’s enticements. Hours later, I wake to a viciously empty stomach, an angry tub of acid in my guts.       The sky outside my window is a starless black. Only … Read moreOde to Pumpkin Pie by Ata Zargarof

Winter Drink Guide: What To Stock & Sip All Season Long by Lisa Wright

It seems like only yesterday that I was thinking—and writing—about how to stock a summer bar (sigh).  Since then, it’s been a lot of hot days and warm, balmy nights filled with delicious cocktails, from recipes and from my own imagination. But, as the world turns, so too do the seasons change—and it’s once again … Read moreWinter Drink Guide: What To Stock & Sip All Season Long by Lisa Wright

When Bathing by Natalie Kim

Image from The Mighty CW: body dysmorphia and discussion of eating disorders I am both familiar and alien to myself. I realize this most when I get ready for a shower.  I undress by first reaching behind my neck and digging a fingernail into the clasp of my cross necklace. When I twiddle with the … Read moreWhen Bathing by Natalie Kim

This is Not a Border: Reportage & Reflection from the Palestine Festival of Literature – Reviewed by Capri Huffman

Image by Capri Huffman ★★★★★ Dear Friends, I regret that I cannot be here today, to receive you personally. Welcome to this sorrowing land, whose literary image is so much more beautiful than its present reality. […] We are now in the sixtieth year of the Nakba. There are now those who are dancing on the … Read moreThis is Not a Border: Reportage & Reflection from the Palestine Festival of Literature – Reviewed by Capri Huffman

Ragu by Jules Rivera

Image provided by Jules Rivera CW: domestic abuse She took the knife and pressed the blade, using the palm of her hand to flatten it down, the smell of garlic rising into the air. Sshik sshik sshik, the knife brushing against the cutting board. She minced quickly, the blade blurring. Next, the onion, sshik sshik, … Read moreRagu by Jules Rivera

Smile by Meghana Joshi

Art by André Pereira She had always been a nervous smiler. Every day, without fail, and more often in the most inappropriate of circumstances, her mouth would twitch and then curve up into a grin that couldn’t be stopped.  Whether it be awkwardly telling a friend bad news, learning of the death of a loved … Read moreSmile by Meghana Joshi

Ba by Isa Condo-Olvera

Illustration by Isa Condo-Olvera Ba: whatever makes each person unique that is not physical: your humor, your worth, your charm, yourself, your soul.  I died today.  Everyone said death was only a temporary suspension, but I was unsure. I always wondered what dying would feel like. Death and I had danced throughout my life, competing … Read moreBa by Isa Condo-Olvera

Romancing the Butcher by Chere Taylor

Image provided by Chere Taylor CW: domestic abuse, injury description He approaches the girl in his tight, leather pants, black curls tousled on his head. His eyes are as hard as obsidian stone. She is observing a young, teen god. And he is sexy. Christ, he’s so sexy. Gwendolyn, today’s victim, is chained to the … Read moreRomancing the Butcher by Chere Taylor