(Issue 3) Art Feature: Zayira Ray

Zayira Ray is an established and well-regarded gen-z Indian-American photographer whose art captures the pure beauty within honest human connection and intimacy. In this interview, Zayira talks about photography’s role within activism and how quarantine has made her shift her photography to be more introspective. Read more about Zayira’s story growing up as a born and bred New Yorker in an Indian-American household and how her cultural heritage intersects with her artistry.

Statue of a Woman by Mariah Ghant

“Statue of a Woman”  sculptor unknown  who questions if you    are a woman? it exists in far    more than your body your clothes       your sandals. the strong hip and marble    fingers are not what make you a      woman I could give you a pedicure but     you’d still be headless heedless losing your       grip … Read moreStatue of a Woman by Mariah Ghant

Three Poems by Aishwarya Javalgekar

Milk-made The steaming cup of milk smells like mother; loved, craved, never enough. Flitting between monthly choices—Boost, Bournvita, maybe Milo. Chocolate always makes milk better.  She loved milk, not sweetened or browned,  just pureness poured into the big stainless-steel vessel at 6 am sharp, forcing her to wake up early on Sundays and holidays, a … Read moreThree Poems by Aishwarya Javalgekar

Maxine Bell- Artwork

“Pop a ‘mame” is both food and spooky! It’s oil on canvas and is 24×26″ “私は間違いなく機械です” is 12×24″ watercolor, collage, acrylic, and ink on watercolor board. This one is kinda spooky? It translates roughly to “There’s no way I’m not a machine, I’m certain” “Bowl Girl” is 13×13″ print: marker, watercolor, chine-collé, pronto plate print” … Read moreMaxine Bell- Artwork

Palm Harbor: 1am by Moses Jeune

Palm Harbor: 1am It’s not that I aim to be sad in Florida It’s that Florida doesn’t want to see me happy This apartment these walls- carry too much  the weight of loss My innocence still lingers in the air here  There on the window sill  and in the picture frame Behind the lamp But … Read morePalm Harbor: 1am by Moses Jeune

What if I was never here by Nour Al Ghraowi

What if I was never here أنا مغتربة  I am displaced.  If you search for me  in history books,  my name  would be imperceptible.  The historian knew I was here, here I was   when he said to me:  once you leave the land the land leaves you.  Damascus’ soil no longer  will recognize  my foot … Read moreWhat if I was never here by Nour Al Ghraowi

marathon around my religion by Zarnab Tufail

marathon around my religion “worship” says my mother.  her raised palms hold buckets of wishes she’s asked God to fulfill  and i find mine emptier than a beggar’s bowl right before the jummah prayer.  i try to imagine my folded legs above a white cloud talking to God to let me in.  let me fill … Read moremarathon around my religion by Zarnab Tufail

The Land of Enchantment by Maya Renee Castro

The stage is filled with beautiful market stands/carts. People are selling everything;home goods, food, fruit, clothes, ointments, recipes, handmade items… etc. The stage should feel bright and warm. You can hear the ocean nearby and may even feel a slight mysticalbreeze. Valeria, a young Puerto Rican woman, walks onto the stage dragging Chad, a youngwhite … Read moreThe Land of Enchantment by Maya Renee Castro

Getting Married Today by Niara Mae

Onstage is an ornate vanity. In the back awedding dress is hung up. The BRIDE walks in,taking a seat at the vanity. BRIDEI’m getting married today. Today is. My wedding day. She sits there, smiling for a moment.In a shock of commotion, her wedding partyenters, all women. They bring things in,chattering a bit too loudly. … Read moreGetting Married Today by Niara Mae

Fuck 12 Grocery Corp: A Safe Haven by Leticia Infante

About the Artist: Leticia Infante is a Latina interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York who was raised by Cuban refugee parents and a radical grandmother in South Florida. She attended Hunter College where she studied Film, Philosophy, and Pre-Law. Despite working a number of odd jobs, her career in television started in 2016 as … Read moreFuck 12 Grocery Corp: A Safe Haven by Leticia Infante

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