Thumy Phan Digital Design

About the Artist: Thumy Phan is a Vietnamese immigrant illustrator + designer currently based in Oklahoma City. She loves telling stories with her work, specifically BIPOC stories and her own experiences of growing up in the US as a Vietnamese, immigrant, permanent resident raised in the south. To make sure these narratives are heard, loud … Read moreThumy Phan Digital Design

Love That Does Not Bear Fruit by Kemi Omisore

You can’t talk about it. Some can, and can weather the pity, the forced sympathy, and the revulsion sitting underneath it all that greets them as a response. I can’t. Pity douses me like a bucket of ice cold water and clings to me like a dark stain on a white t-shirt. I feel like … Read moreLove That Does Not Bear Fruit by Kemi Omisore

“Hanasuto” by Cecilia Gault

Growing up in New York to Japanese and Irish parents, 21 year old Cecilia Gault’s diverse cultural traditions informed her musical tastes as well as her own artistic output.  Experimenting with complex musical stylings, her new single “Hanasuto” (produced by Dominic Florio) was penned playing into the hyper-sexualisation of the Japanese schoolgirl stereotype. Effortlessly blending together traditional … Read more“Hanasuto” by Cecilia Gault

Binge Culture by Kemi Omisore

When I really like a show, it’s only a matter of time before I stop watching. It’s happened so many times now. I smile when I think of all the things I’ve watched that have touched my heart, made me feel something. But each time, it’s a countdown before the show drops away off my … Read moreBinge Culture by Kemi Omisore

mariconcito IV by Jose Useche

IV. “I’m going to get with him, he’s cute.” T and I peered over at a grainy thumbnail of a boy wearing a purple v-neck. He wore glasses and sat perched on a bed in Connecticut. Behind him was a simple cream-colored room, and behind that were the clean white and blue lines of Facebook. Camp was days … Read moremariconcito IV by Jose Useche


Azure looks out the window of her aquamarine car.   A young dark-hued woman, in a blue ruffled sari, nurses her baby under a blue tarp between four poles, by the side of a highway in India, near the already occupied bus station, which has a blue poster of a movie called “Variants of blue” — … Read moreBLUE IS NOT THE WARMEST COLOR by Nachi Keta

Joana’s Issue 4 Picks: Albums That Spark Joy

Hello it’s me, Joana Meurkens, your Artistic Director and reigning Music Editor here to deliver a monthly curated list of albums for all of you! Tune in each issue to see what albums have been on my mind for the past 6 weeks… each month will have a specific theme as I welcome you all … Read moreJoana’s Issue 4 Picks: Albums That Spark Joy

Primer Rebelde De America

Primer Rebelde De America is a new company owned by Victor Vegas Perez and Liana Waller. This Indigenous streetwear brand is only one year old but has appeared in iconic magazines such as Vogue, so it is clear that they are on the rise to becoming a household name. We interviewed Victor Vegas Perez about his influences and the importance of normalizing Indigenous representation in mainstream fashion.

Defund the Police: What it is and what it isn’t by James Washington and Emma Johnson

Editors Note: This article was co-written by a white person, and while this platform is dedicated to amplifying the voices of BIPOC & multicultural identifying individuals, we believe having productive conversations with white people will aid in the goal of dismantling and defunding the police. James: The safest communities are often those with the most … Read moreDefund the Police: What it is and what it isn’t by James Washington and Emma Johnson

Why Protests Have to be Disruptive by James Washington

I’ve found that one of the most difficult elements of teaching about the struggle for civil rights is effectively challenging the whitewashed and rosy paradigm with which students are familiar. Part of my job is to challenge the hegemonic belief that Dr. King gave a speech, and then racism was illegal and everything was groovy. … Read moreWhy Protests Have to be Disruptive by James Washington