The Vegetarian isn’t really about vegetarianism by Annoushka Clear

TW: rape, eating disorders Surprise, it’s an exquisite, haunting metaphor. The Vegetarian, winner of the Man Booker International Prize 2016, is Han Kang’s first novel translated from Korean into English, by Deborah Smith. Originally released as three separate ‘novelettes’, Kang published them together for the first time in one volume in 2007 with Changbi Publishers, … Read moreThe Vegetarian isn’t really about vegetarianism by Annoushka Clear

Hair Stories: (Ky)

Photography by Joana Meurkens. Forward and Interview by Kimber Monroe It has been an honor taking over Hair Stories this month for my best friend and fellow colleague Carolina Meurkens. When I thought about who to feature, I thought of close friends of mine who’ve discussed and shared their hair journeys with me, who I … Read moreHair Stories: (Ky)

(Issue 7) Art/Fashion Feature: Annie Meng

Interviewed by Joana Meurkens Photo by Ryan Scullin There is a new designer on the scene who has managed to merge the power suit with streetwear design. Annie Meng is a new name in the fashion world, but one that will not be forgotten as she takes her rightful place as creative director of the … Read more(Issue 7) Art/Fashion Feature: Annie Meng

Transforming Your Power: From XIMONE to Lord Scorpio by Ania B. Holland

Photography by Hakeem Shabazz If you were looking for your big break and received a D.M. from The Voice, would you answer? In 2018, that’s absolutely what singer-songwriter and multi-hyphenate creative XIMONE did. A spontaneous flight to L.A. put her “normal” life on pause. With a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a spot … Read moreTransforming Your Power: From XIMONE to Lord Scorpio by Ania B. Holland

Menga354 for Mixed Mag

Creative Direction by Joana Meurkens Photography by Ryan Scullin Clothing by Menga354 Styling by Annie Meng and Joana Meurkens Modeled by Rahm Bowen (Hair by Mecca Little), Kimber Monroe, Joana Meurkens, and Maria Salazar Read Annie’s feature in Issue 7 here! Menga354 is an ode to retro-futurism, a luxury casualwear brand that explores the unknown … Read moreMenga354 for Mixed Mag

The Little Side Dish That Could by Sania Saeed

Raita is traditionally yogurt mixed with cucumber, mint, and cilantro. It is served as a side for main rice dishes. These “yogurt bowls” satisfy my savoury palate without requiring running to the store for ingredients I may not typically have.

RECLAIMED: Body by Nancy Azcona

CW: Discussion around suicide & eating disorders Illustration by Andrea Miranda “You are a woman — skin and bones, veins and nerves, hair and sweat. You are not made out of metaphors, not apologies, not excuses.” – Sarah Kay, The Type I have never felt more at home in my body than I did in 2020. … Read moreRECLAIMED: Body by Nancy Azcona

“Can I Advocate for Womxn And Still Enjoy Music Promoting Misogyny?” by Trinity Townsend

TW: Sexual Violence The song “Throat Baby” has been circulating the internet in a way that made it feel inescapable for the past few months. BRS Kash sings over captivating piano chords, an infectious bassline, and a melody that’s difficult to forget. The song begins  “Sexy lil b*tch, sexy lil h*e,  love the way you … Read more“Can I Advocate for Womxn And Still Enjoy Music Promoting Misogyny?” by Trinity Townsend

“A Conversation with Kaitlyn Shuko”

Kaitlyn Shuko is a 23 year old mixed Japanese singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. Her debut album, Disposition, is currently out on all streaming services, stay tuned for her mixtape entirely produced and written herself. Listen to more of Kaitlyn’s music here: Spotify / Youtube Connect with the Artists: Ryan Scullin: Website / Instagram … Read more“A Conversation with Kaitlyn Shuko”

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