“A Conversation with Kaitlyn Shuko”

Kaitlyn Shuko is a 23 year old mixed Japanese singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. Her debut album, Disposition, is currently out on all streaming services, stay tuned for her mixtape entirely produced and written herself. Listen to more of Kaitlyn’s music here: Spotify / Youtube Connect with the Artists: Ryan Scullin: Website / Instagram … Read more“A Conversation with Kaitlyn Shuko”

“Free Urself” by Royal Marquis

“My name is Royal Marquís, I’m 19 years old from Greensboro, NC. I just released my debut single “Free Yourself” which I recorded with my headphones (limited resources)  The inspiration behind the song stems from my 19th birthday, I had an epiphany on who I’ve molded into from all of the lessons I learned in … Read more“Free Urself” by Royal Marquis

Existential Dreaming by Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen is a social worker specializing in child welfare, school social work, and child trauma. She is from Orange, CA and is passionate about mental health, graphic novels, and minimalist design. Her art focuses on depicting feelings and experiences that had a large impact on her. She enjoys using her art as a platform to bring attention to social justice issues, as well as mental health.

“Revolution” by The Data Waves

The Data Waves are an all-POC band from Illinois, based in Chicago. This past Winter, they released their debut album, ‘Revolution’, featuring seven original songs from the group. The album’s goal is to provide a representative soundtrack for the necessary ongoing political and cultural Revolution that we are in the midst of. Each track was … Read more“Revolution” by The Data Waves

REGARDING SELF & The Price of Wellness by Mayana Nell Torres

When I had the privilege of studying abroad in Barcelona,  I had a moment where my concept of normality was challenged. Two different cities, two different ways of breathing. I remember I went to a café to order a coffee to go, “me pones un café por favor para llevar?”. Then I took a moment … Read moreREGARDING SELF & The Price of Wellness by Mayana Nell Torres

Rising Rituals by Imani Williams

There are two kinds of people in this world; the “Good Mornings” and the “Grand Risings” is what I like to call it. I used to be a GM for a while, no shame in that. I never really took my risings seriously. I was always running around, rushing and bouncing from one place to … Read moreRising Rituals by Imani Williams

A Preview of “A Cold Wind Blows and Ends All Progress” by Marshall James

Photography by @cryfortomorrow Modeled by @skyemelena and @mr.girlyoucrazy Marshall James is a self-taught independent fashion designer from Columbia, Maryland. After he started making clothes in 2017, he began to commission one on one upcycled garments to his close friends and colleagues. In 2019, he moved to New York to begin his journey into high fashion. … Read moreA Preview of “A Cold Wind Blows and Ends All Progress” by Marshall James

Echo Chambers & Filter Bubbles Rely on Social Media Algorithms To Survive by Paola Fernandez

Echo chambers have caused more miscommunication than productive discourse. Imagine an elementary playground where the only group of kids are exposed to what the leader says and does. They mimic the behavior and comments the leader displays. There are no other groups of kids playing except them. The kids start to bounce the same ideas … Read moreEcho Chambers & Filter Bubbles Rely on Social Media Algorithms To Survive by Paola Fernandez

“Wore” by anxioushum

anxioushum started in 2017 as a solo project by Sydney Diaz. After a couple years of playing solo, friend-turned-bassist Matt Sherman joined. A rotating cast of live and studio drummers from the local Long Island music community filled out the project, thus turning anxioushum into a full-band endeavor. Though initially recorded while still a solo … Read more“Wore” by anxioushum

Blueprint of (Nostalgia) by Sherin Nassar

can’t keep a journal so I track my mood thru monthly playlists  When I want to remember where I was during a certain point in time in my life, I go to Spotify and listen to the playlist I created that month. A habit I can’t break, I’ve made monthly playlists since 2016 when I … Read moreBlueprint of (Nostalgia) by Sherin Nassar

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