The Act of Learning to Speak by Oseyomo Abiebhode

[Trigger warning: This writing contains material about sexual and dating violence.] No no no no No no no no no no  No no no no no no no no no no no no She spreads her lips apart and then makes an o of it as she says the word, over and over. Her lips … Read moreThe Act of Learning to Speak by Oseyomo Abiebhode

Why Guns Come in Pink by Arsha Adarsh

We sit together in the companionable silence of midnight, and savior this slice of life before lockdown. For three months already, the novel Coronavirus has had us trapped in our four walls, with only each other for company, and we’re starting to go insane. I inhale the open night. The mountain grasses whisper warm perfume … Read moreWhy Guns Come in Pink by Arsha Adarsh

Mads Deaver Music

Mads Deaver has been chasing music for the majority  of her life. In her teens the Los Angeles  singer/songwriter began transforming her experiences into lyrics and setting those lyrics to music. Now 21, Mads works hands-on with producers to create not only the words but each sound of  her songs.  Mads’ sound is fresh Indie … Read moreMads Deaver Music

mariconcito VII by Jose Useche

VII. How do you deny patience? How do you dismiss respect? How do you reject unconditional love?  I will tell you how. You like yourself so little that you find anyone who will give you those things a  fool. Only a delusional, misguided pushover would voluntarily nurture you.  That is how it was being with … Read moremariconcito VII by Jose Useche

Pola Dobrzynski Artwork

Pola Dobrzynski is a first generation queer creative from New York. Her work is informed by a passion for familial legacy, introspection, and creating vulnerable spaces. Weaving media and creating work that is both archival and collage-like in nature, Pola’s work explores themes of emotional connectivity, resilience, and healing. In 2018, Pola started as Community Engagement Manager at For Freedoms, where she assisted with collaborations with The ICP Museum, Guardian US, The Currier Museum of Art, UNTITLED Art Fair, The Betsy Hotel, and Photoville. She has also served as a freelance digital media specialist for the Vision and Justice Project at Harvard University, and freelance coordinator for the Guild of Future Architects.

“Complacency” by ShyGodwin

ShyGodwin is a black queer grunge band from Philadelphia. The band is about creating in-your-face music that makes listeners feel understood, bringing a bold voice for those whose shouts often get ignored. Our lyrics talk about vulnerability and the beautiful struggle in self-discovery that allows us to see the world and society for what it … Read more“Complacency” by ShyGodwin

Black Swan – A Lyrical Analysis by Shreya Raj

Illustration by MoonRayy “A dancer dies twice – once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful”  – Martha Graham (Black Swan Art Film)  Original Lyrics Translation  The heart no longer races When hearing the music play Seems like time has stopped Oh that would be my first death I’ve been … Read moreBlack Swan – A Lyrical Analysis by Shreya Raj

“coffeeshop” by Mars Storm Rucker

Mars Storm Rucker is a black non-binary collaborative artist, actor, dancer, and vocalist. They seek to make art centering the most marginalized black folks and their healing. They have a deep passion for music that is healing through sound and color healing based on their synesthesia. They seek for their music to bring love, company, peace, a place for meditation, a place for orgasm, a place for release, a sound for healing. They love to create freely, outside the restrictions of binaries and the matrix. As their gender is fluid, so is their music.

LEE Bueno Artwork

LEE Bueno (he/they) is a Queer Trans Male Artist/Activist . Art is his reason for living and has been part of his life for as long as he can remember. He received his BA in Art Education and Studio Art from Humboldt State University. Navigating his own personal journey as a Trans person has been very prominent in his artwork. He uses art to tell stories and to bring knowledge to issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ and POC community. Working within issues of acceptance of body, identity, and self love as well raising awareness of injustices surrounding marginalized voices. He strives to make the world a safer and better place.

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