GOAL Music Video by Keekai

Keekai is a New York based Filipinx artist with songs like ‘Show Me’ , and their most recent release, ‘Goal’. Their name originated from the Tagalog word kikay, roughly translated to girly. Keekai explains their connection to the word by saying, “After reclaiming the word kikay and reclaiming my queerness, I found that it really expanded … Read moreGOAL Music Video by Keekai

“Umbra” by MIIV

Cover Art by Dallas Thompson In Umbra, MIIV navigates messy relationships, paranoia, gender dysphoria, and the self across haunting soundscapes evoking the work of artists like Spellling, Eartheater, and BEA1991. Choir-like vocals, ambient synth pads, and 808s resonate as the heartbeat of a sleeping giant comprises MIIV’s debut effort.  On the single, MIIV had to … Read more“Umbra” by MIIV

“The Weight Shifts To The Other Side” by Jordi Perez

“The Weight Shifts To The Other Side” is a short dance film visualizing the painful process of becoming light, discovering your shadows and embracing them as you would your inner self.  I tend to gravitate towards ideas I find hard to talk about so when at the end of last year my mental state was … Read more“The Weight Shifts To The Other Side” by Jordi Perez

“Heart Series Part II” by Andrea Miranda

“A Bankside Dinner” “Picnic and Lover” “Heart Tears” Hearts filled up her eyes and love fell down her cheeks as she let her mind go still and her presence take over For Part One of the “Heart Series” Andrea Miranda is an international student graduate from the illustration class of 2020 at Falmouth University. She … Read more“Heart Series Part II” by Andrea Miranda

Origami Project: Gentrification

by Anna Grace Burch I walked around one afternoon taking pictures of a neighborhood in my city that is experiencing gentrification. The local community was very diverse, home to people of all races and incomes, but I could see the older, poorer areas being renovated and repurposed into newer, unaffordable houses and shops. It made … Read moreOrigami Project: Gentrification

Staff Picks: Songs That Deserve A Summer

Well everyone, here we are, summer is upon us once again. And what a summer it will be! I asked the Mixed Mag staff to pick an album/song that they believe deserves to be blasted through the speakers this summer. Last year there was A LOT of good music being played, but unfortunately they didn’t … Read moreStaff Picks: Songs That Deserve A Summer

“Music Memory: An Audible Diary” by Ania B. Holland

Illustration by Andrea Miranda “Fall in Love (Your Funeral) presents a warning to a lover of Erykahs about the trouble that could come with pursuing commitment with her which could resolve in ones death. While I listen, I remember being ten, a blue minivan, and a sleepaway environmental camp.”  “It’s gonna be Some slow sangin and … Read more“Music Memory: An Audible Diary” by Ania B. Holland

Hair Stories: (Ian)

Photography by Joana Meurkens, Interview by Carolina Meurkens In a society that values whiteness and one’s ability to approximate it, hair can be a battleground. In Hair Stories, we wrestle with what it means to love yourself through your relationship with hair and others’ perception of it. Through interviews with our editors, contributors and community … Read moreHair Stories: (Ian)

Soulja Boy’s Impact on Fame, and Its Changing Role In An Influencer Dominated Society by Trinity Townsend

In the age of Instagram promos, youtube challenges, and virality, fame is more attainable than ever before. In the past, journalistic industries and celebrity gossip tabloids were the only chances the general population had to peek into the lives of people we deem as celebrities. Now, celebrities and the general population alike meticulously craft the … Read moreSoulja Boy’s Impact on Fame, and Its Changing Role In An Influencer Dominated Society by Trinity Townsend


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Hilary Dank I’m a seamstress and embroidery artist from South Florida. I learned how to sew in college in New York to fill crucial pieces into my closet when I couldn’t afford them. Back then and now, I could never be told ‘No” when it comes to bringing an idea into fruition … Read moreDANK BEHAVIOR

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