Cornrow Beauty by Kasandra Enid Torres

This series is shot in the streets of Washington Heights in NYC. It is all about the beauty and art form of cornrows, as well a celebration of uptown street culture. Photographer: Kasandra Enid Torres @kasaeto Stylist: Rey Peña Braider: Guin Gui @guin_gui Makeup Artist: Juan Jaar @juanjaar Talent: Dani @xaniielle Dog: Tiggs @tiggystardust

“Infinite Lawn” by Mimz The Magnificent & Dunn

Infinite Lawn, what is infinity? What is a lawn?  rhetorical questions one should meditate on while listening to the New EP by NY Natives Mimz and Dunn. “Birds of a Feather heard you Tethered to the trenches of ya never land” Mimz makes 2 things clear with their presence on this tape. 1)I can rap … Read more“Infinite Lawn” by Mimz The Magnificent & Dunn


Learning to unlearn has been a central theme in my art practice. My focus has been on conceptualizing ideas that help the decolonization of all spaces. Physical, but especially mental spaces.   After 150 years of British rule, today my people feel disconnected from our own culture. The push for assimilation towards western ideas has created an identity crisis in a … Read moreJAYA KANG ARTWORK

“Not in the Cards” by The Red Pears

Magnetic alternative trio act, The Red Pears, mark their return in 2021 with the release of their latest single “Not In The Cards.” The garage rock outfit from Los Angeles – composed of Henry Vargas, Jose Corona and Patrick Juarez – pay homage to their classic rock sound by showcasing their polished alt-rock sound without sacrificing … Read more“Not in the Cards” by The Red Pears

“adoration” by J.Scott

‘adoration’, the sophomore EP from Pop/R&B artist J.Scott, represents an inner renaissance that he had within himself. “As a black, queer man from the south navigating through this time, I just needed to fall in love with myself again,” describes the up-and-coming NYC-based artist. This four-track EP explores the multifaceted experiences of black queer romance. … Read more“adoration” by J.Scott

Computers for the Hood (Album Review)

iNTeLL, mastermind behind 2ND GENERATION WU, son of Wu-Tang Clan’s U-God, and carrier of the legendary hip hop collective’s creative torch, ponders an important philosophical and theoretical question with producer DLP on his new album Computers For The Hood (out independently on June 9, 2021). “What could a young mind in the hood do with … Read moreComputers for the Hood (Album Review)

Why You Should Stop Posting on Social Media and Start Sending Your Selfies Directly to Your Friends by Nico Shears

I was taking a walk in Ridgewood capturing pictures of flowers and sending them to one of my close friend. We do this often, our texts are full of things we saw and wanted to share: selfies of us with a terrible sunburn, a snack we enjoyed, a weird-shaped cloud, or a cute new outfit. … Read moreWhy You Should Stop Posting on Social Media and Start Sending Your Selfies Directly to Your Friends by Nico Shears

David Straange Artwork

David Straange is a painter working in a diverse range of media embracing the intersection of Expressionism, Minimalism, Conceptualism, Abstraction, Street Art, Neo-Geometric Conceptualism and Fauvism. His work explores the subconscious through intuitive abstraction. He explores the idea of the repressed subconscious through abstraction. Drawing from a diverse range of African-Polynesian mythology to the psychology of Jung … Read moreDavid Straange Artwork

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