America by Mia Altamuro

America, my homeland, my graveyard; my seductress, my assassin. America, who are you, and who am I to you? America, who are you, land of the free or the bourgeoisie? America, who are you, home of the brave or the slave? America, who are you, and when will you come home to me? They say … Read moreAmerica by Mia Altamuro

Child of Sunshine by Mia Altamuro

How jealous you must have beento see me in my blue shaded breezewith the lemon scent in my mouthand dandelions in my hair. How painful it must have beenfor you to see me laughing, living therecompletely unawarethat you were sitting thereat your lonely Winter table. You try to summon me backwith a candle and a … Read moreChild of Sunshine by Mia Altamuro

My Mother Eve by Mia Altamuro

Artwork by Andrea Miranda I am my Mother Eve’s child;I always want the one thingI can’t have. the entire world in front of me,the life I could live,and I want to feel you breathe on me,to love me for the fuck of it. I’m in a gardenwith everything I needsurrounding me,yet I am Eve’s daughter, … Read moreMy Mother Eve by Mia Altamuro