“GOODGOOD” by Murielle

Cover Photo by Dominique Falcon, edited by Anna Koblish Fenty lipgloss, sticky skin and cheap guys in Stüssy are a few things we miss about Brooklyn bars after being stuck in the house for far too long. Murielle, a Belgium born Congolese-American pop star, welcomes us back with a bang. “GOODGOOD,” written in her childhood … Read more“GOODGOOD” by Murielle

GOAL Music Video by Keekai

Keekai is a New York based Filipinx artist with songs like ‘Show Me’ , and their most recent release, ‘Goal’. Their name originated from the Tagalog word kikay, roughly translated to girly. Keekai explains their connection to the word by saying, “After reclaiming the word kikay and reclaiming my queerness, I found that it really expanded … Read moreGOAL Music Video by Keekai

“For the Weekend” Music Video by She Loves Boon

She Loves Boon is a 24-year-old artist born and raised in New York City. At the age of 10, he began writing his own songs after first being exposed to Linkin Park. While growing up his influences consisted of a range of sounds, from Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Frank Ocean to Phoenix and MGMT. This versatility is something he likes to bring into his music, branching into an experimental realm that ties all of his ideas and influences together. She Loves Boon began releasing music in 2017 and has always been involved with the entire creative process of his work, whether it be working in Ableton to co-produce his tracks, making video treatments, engineering, or art directing.

“ACE IT” — Music Video (ft. SaulPaul)

As school districts around the country face the challenges of reopening campuses amid the uncertainties of the pandemic, Central Texas districts are turning the crisis into an opportunity for positive solutions. The non-profit organization, E3 Alliance has launched a campaign called ACE. A partnership between schools and families that allow students to ‘attend’ by being present for remote or on-campus learning with a feeling of wellness, safety and belonging, ‘commit’ by showing dedication to learning with a feeling of connection to what is being taught and ‘engage’ by displaying academic progress with a feeling of confidence and accomplishment. members of the ACE task force consist of 10 school districts and the University of Texas at Austin. Their collective impact work will benefit the Central Texas region so all students ultimately ACE their school year. To do the campaign roll out E3 teamed up with the Grammy nominated music artist SaulPaul to produce a song to encourage student attendance, commitment and engagement.

“Weak” Starring BellaTheReaper & Royal Marquís.

About the Artists: BellaTheReaper is a 19-year old stylist, model & musician. She is also of Puerto Rican & African American descent. She’s on a quest to becoming one of the most multi-dimensional artists in her area.  Royal Marquís is a musician, model & curator. He is of Jamaican descent. This is his collaborative debut … Read more“Weak” Starring BellaTheReaper & Royal Marquís.

(Issue 4) Music Feature: Summer Breeze

Interview by Joana Meurkens Photography by India Coombs Summer Breeze is an LA born and bred musician on her journey to expressing her truest self through her art. Summer Breeze talks to artistic director, Joana Meurkens, about how her rigorous dance training has shaped her as an artist and how she celebrates the eccentricity of … Read more(Issue 4) Music Feature: Summer Breeze

Belt Notch! Music Video

About the Video: Our skeleton crew (basically me and a cameraman) drove up to the Santa Barbara Dunes, 3 hours north of LA, in order to get to our location. After 8 hours, and multiple drum snares later, we had all the footage needed to splice together a finished product.  Miles, AKA Cassowary, said this … Read moreBelt Notch! Music Video