Nathan Farrell Music

Nathan Farrell (he/him) is a 23-year-old vocalist, saxophonist, songwriter, and arranger based in New York City. He narrates the complexities and contradictions of the human condition through stories of love and loss, as a young mixed-race individual processing current issues such as mental health, queerness, racial justice, and climate change.  Nathan’s sound presents a gratified, immersive … Read moreNathan Farrell Music

“Wildflower” by Avangelia

Soulfulness is nearly impossible to describe but is unmistakable when truly felt. Avangeliacaptures the visceral feeling like few others. The 20-year-old Brooklyn born, Singer – Songwriterand producer embodies it, with all of the nuanced pain and bliss wrapped up in the concept. Sheexplores jazzy melodies in tandem with folky storytelling and neo-soul/R&B grooves. Wildfloweris Avangelia’s … Read more“Wildflower” by Avangelia

“Hohenheim Suites” by Stratøs

Exploration of one’s identity in the face of existential uncertainty is the core theme of Hohenheim Suites, the sophomore LP by saxophonist, composer, producer, and film photographer Stratøs. Stratøs’ previous project, Planets, was the amalgamation of the producer’s diverse musical identities. Reaching from the visceral, distorted sounds and grooves of the death metal world to … Read more“Hohenheim Suites” by Stratøs

“Home” by Sophia Spero

“Home” written and performed by Sophia Spero is a pop song with a long history. The song is about the difficulties of recovering from a toxic platonic relationship. After struggling to express herself, artist Sophia Spero decided to sit down at 1 a.m. on a Friday and write about what came to mind. Eventually, this … Read more“Home” by Sophia Spero

“Bassman Fuzz” by TITA

Guatemalan singer/songwriter Tita will shares a single “Bassman Fuzz” that provides listeners with a new, eccentric sound in anticipation of the release of her debut album Mundo Cruel, due later this year. Marking her first track in English, the artist delves into fresh sounds of upbeat bubblegum synth-pop. Inspired by moving in new directions, the … Read more“Bassman Fuzz” by TITA

“Venturathegay, Moving and Shaking In His Own Way” by Ania Holland

“When you allow yourself to share your voice, experiences, and music with the world, you attract people looking to help, collaborate, fund, but most importantly support the work you are doing,” Venturathegay says.  “What you give, you get back” is more than just a quotable saying for Ventura. It is a lived experience for the … Read more“Venturathegay, Moving and Shaking In His Own Way” by Ania Holland

(Issue 13) Music Feature: Cisco Swank

Brooklyn Boys Do It Better: Into the Mind of Cisco Swank Interview and Photography by Joana Meurkens We all know that overwhelming feeling when we are in the presence of greatness, when we know when the artist sitting in front of us has the potential to make a remarkable impact, and when their work transcends … Read more(Issue 13) Music Feature: Cisco Swank

The U.S Underfunds Education and Dominates Entertainment: Conscious Consumption of Art Has Taught Me More Than Public School by Trinity Townsend

Illustration by iggdeh The United States education system has been in an era of decline since the onset of the Great Recession in 2007. With the federal government struggling to keep itself afloat at the time, various areas received funding cuts and education was one of the areas most impacted. Although the economy has improved … Read moreThe U.S Underfunds Education and Dominates Entertainment: Conscious Consumption of Art Has Taught Me More Than Public School by Trinity Townsend

“Somebody Loves You” by Daniella Faith

New Jersey based singer-songwriter Daniella Faith shares her debut EP, Somebody Loves You, which she entirely wrote and produced. Drawing from her influences of soft rock and neo-soul, Daniella Faith uses this EP as a medium for introspection and encouragement. Honing her songwriting skills since the age of 3, Daniella’s adept abilities can be heard … Read more“Somebody Loves You” by Daniella Faith

“Golden Linings” by Ralitsa-Kona Kalfas

I wrote “Golden Linings” nearly two years ago in April of 2020. At a time where I, like most others, was made to turn inward because of lockdown and the world’s shift. This song is about my journey to releasing toxic positivity, surrendering to vulnerability, and acknowledging all parts of myself; Recognizing self-acceptance can’t be … Read more“Golden Linings” by Ralitsa-Kona Kalfas

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