Cumbialicious by Estevie

Rising star Estevie (formerly known as Sarah Silva) is ready to introduce the world to hers with the debut EP Cumbialicious  Nice Life (Ricky Reed). Reimagining more traditional sounds from cumbia to regional to pop, the gen-z star is breathing fresh life into the genres’ established heritages with her refreshing and vibrant world as she paints embraced tradition with refreshing … Read moreCumbialicious by Estevie

L.L by Luna Luna

After starting the year being named one of Rolling Stone’s “10 Latin Acts Set To Make It Big In 2023,” the Austin-based, Dallas-raised band has released their next d EP L.L. – a compilation of tracks that steers their booming career and signature lovelorn indie dream-bedroom pop sound, into a fuller, more mastered sound that takes listeners from their … Read moreL.L by Luna Luna

Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees by Harrison

When Harrison (Harrison Robinson) began workingon his third album in his modest Toronto studio in 2019, the producer and composer felt a strong desire to honor his artistic roots. “I knew I wanted to just make what I thought was cool, regardless of it being cheesy,” he says of the piano-centred compositions that would become … Read moreBirds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees by Harrison

Dance With U by Luna Luna

Austin based, by way of Dallas, indie synth-pop sensations Luna Luna released their first single of the year with “Dance With U”. After a fulfilling last year for Austin-based dream pop band, Luna Luna is ready to head into a new chapter with their newest track “Dance With U” which takes the quartet fully into … Read moreDance With U by Luna Luna

miami☀︎ by Estevie

Rising star Estevie (formerly known as Sarah Silva) is ready to turn up the summer heat with her latest single release “Miami.” Released via Nice Life (Ricky Reed), the track produces an energetic and eclectic take on a cumbia sonidero. Introduced by an alternative surf-rock leaning guitar intro, the melody eventually meets its staple electro-driven cumbia sonidero rhythm that … Read moremiami☀︎ by Estevie

(Issue 17) Feature: An Interview with Celine Kamuhangi

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todo te nada by REYNA

Watch the latest music video from sister power-pop duo REYNA for their single “Todo to Nada” off of their last EP, You Could at Least Say Goodbye released via Cosmica Artists earlier this year.  The single chronicles a once consuming love turning into a memory near forgotten, as the music video visually takes viewers on … Read moretodo te nada by REYNA

Vision Board by Lyrics Born

Hot off the heels of Mobile Homies Season 1 which was a bombastic collection of tracks that was written like an album but played like a mixtape, Vision Board is a focused affair that found him stretching his creativity farther and challenging himself to write in a way he’s never written before.  Recorded primarily in … Read moreVision Board by Lyrics Born

(Issue 15) Music Feature: Jame Minogue

Interview by Sherin Nassar The hill I’ll die is on that Arabs and Latinos are the remix no one expected, but is truly all the rage. To me, Latinos are just like us (Arabs)- we love a big family, we go crazy over food and love to give side eye to anything that lacks flavor … Read more(Issue 15) Music Feature: Jame Minogue

“The Morning” by Jaswiry

The Morning is Jaswiry Morel’s second single and it’s accompanied with a video shot in her native South Bronx. With elements of ecobrutalism in both the song and the visuals, The Morning is the result of pure experimentation. Listen to “The Morning” here Jaswiry Morel is a fusion alternative R&B artist from the Bronx, New … Read more“The Morning” by Jaswiry