“Pare De Sufrir” by Jarina De Marco & Esty

Eclectic pop-based, yet genre-bending laced artists Jarina De Marco and Esty come together on latest single “Pare De Sufrir,” an empowering dance track fueled by the freeing nature of leaving bad love behind. Blending their keen sense of avant garde fashion and mastery of fusion sounds, the Dominican duo combine their magical forces to produce … Read more“Pare De Sufrir” by Jarina De Marco & Esty

“eat ur greens” by Gayathri Krishnan

“eat ur greens featuring SisterCody was inspired by Louise Haye a motivational speaker and author. Through her tapes and books, she has inspired me to make positive changes in my life. My mother introduced me to her to help me take steps towards accepting and loving myself. The intention for this track was so that people could listen … Read more“eat ur greens” by Gayathri Krishnan

“Think of You” by Estereomance

Inspired by the tumultuous era of pandemic separation, “Think Of You” serves as a silky, sonic love letter that soothes the pains of distance through electric synths, sultry vocals and an imagined romantic dance floor made for estranged lovers.  Written through a period of shelter in place, the band explored the core feelings that an … Read more“Think of You” by Estereomance

“Gardenia Dreams” by Estereomance

“Gardenia Dreams” presents a bilingual poppy and upbeat track laced with a sunny disposition. The song showcases an evolution for the band as artists and people, who have taken their respective time in quarantine to push the frontiers of their exploration from their production, sound and language use.  On their latest, hazy dream-pop overtones are … Read more“Gardenia Dreams” by Estereomance


“LUV U A LIL BIT” incorporates aspects of alternative R&B, lo-fi, and pop all wrapped up with heavy synths and bass strums to give it a genre-defying vibe. With nostalgic harmonies and brash samples, “LUV U A LIL BIT” is a confident, vulnerable release of post-breakup emotions.  “‘LUV U A LIL BIT is a song … Read more“LUV U A LIL BIT” by DACEY

(Issue 11) Music Feature: Myles Cameron

Interview by Sherin Nassar You want Myles Cameron to make it. He’s got talent- his latest work says it all- but there is something about his optimism that has you rooting for him. He has that fresh eye ready to take on the world spirit that you sometimes wonder if people just lose at 25. … Read more(Issue 11) Music Feature: Myles Cameron

“Crackpot Seminary” by Doren

Crackpot Seminary is a project about Doren’s experiences growing up and going to high school in New York City. Each song represents a different aspect of his experience. From the angst and longing to see more of the city in Break the Rules, to the anxiety he felt about sharing his art in Drifting, and … Read more“Crackpot Seminary” by Doren

“Grey” by Cisco Swank

“Grey is a song about getting through. The majority of the song was written during quarantine which was definitely a time of overcoming trials and tribulations. That idea of seeing the light at the the end of the tunnel was definitely a focus on this song both sonically and lyrically. Especially parts where I repeat … Read more“Grey” by Cisco Swank

Vacio by Jarina de Marco & Empress Of

Dynamic electro-pop artists Jarina De Marco and Empress Of team up on latest single “Vacío,” a declaration of empowerment that lives within the individual spirit. Jarina recently announced the single, out on Thursday, September 2, via her socials and has now announced her special feature, Empress Of (Lorely Rodriguez). The eclectic duo channel their longtime … Read moreVacio by Jarina de Marco & Empress Of

New Age Afrofuturism: Using Music and Film to Reference the Past and Create a Narrative of Black Futures by Trinity Townsend

In the media, ideas of the future have historically been portrayed through science fiction. However, when analyzing science fiction as a literary and cinematic genre, Black faces are seldom at the forefront. The 1985 blockbuster Back to The Future is a notable title in science fiction but when looking at the cast list, I see … Read moreNew Age Afrofuturism: Using Music and Film to Reference the Past and Create a Narrative of Black Futures by Trinity Townsend

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