(Issue 1) Music Feature: Andreanna

Interviewed and Photographed by Joana Meurkens Andreanna is a biracial musician born and bred in Boston, Massachusetts. She has a certain air about her, when she walks into a room everybody holds their breath. She emanates pure beauty and strength. After spending a humid afternoon running around Tompkins Square Park taking photos, we sat down … Read more(Issue 1) Music Feature: Andreanna

Mixed, Black, and Proud: The Ups and Downs of Mixed Women in the Jazz Age by Hannah Grantham

“They even told me, ‘You could pass for white if you hadn’t married a colored man.’” – Una Mae Carlisle, The Baltimore Afro-American, 1948 For generations, light-skinned multiracial people have challenged notions of racial hierarchies. They have been given preferential treatment compared to their darker-skinned family members, neighbors, and friends. Yet they have also endured the … Read moreMixed, Black, and Proud: The Ups and Downs of Mixed Women in the Jazz Age by Hannah Grantham

Review: “White is the Color of Death” by Tina Panic Noise

BY: J.B. Stone Last summer, I headed on over to what would be my third or fourth house show for one of my favorite bands, Tina Panic Noise. A band which has truly helped reignite the punk scene, but has also lifted the voices of the ever-growing LGBTQIA+ community here in Buffalo, NY. I was … Read moreReview: “White is the Color of Death” by Tina Panic Noise

Review: “Hive Mind” by The Internet

BY: TAYO OMISORE To think back to 2011, with The Internet’s debut project Purple Naked Ladies, it seemed unlikely that the lovechild of Syd, Steve Lacy, Matt Martians, Patrick Paige II, and Christopher Smith, could rise to prominence in shadow of Tyler’s towering enigma. When asked about the likelihood of their success in hindsight, Syd … Read moreReview: “Hive Mind” by The Internet

Belt Notch! Music Video

About the Video: Our skeleton crew (basically me and a cameraman) drove up to the Santa Barbara Dunes, 3 hours north of LA, in order to get to our location. After 8 hours, and multiple drum snares later, we had all the footage needed to splice together a finished product.  Miles, AKA Cassowary, said this … Read moreBelt Notch! Music Video

Listen to: Lē

About the EP: After working through a lot of trauma and taking the time to heal and allow self love and acceptance, I finally felt ready to let go. “Inner Child’s View” is a feeling-provoking collection of songs that bring sounds of deep dissonant reflection. The EP is the first base to my independent artist … Read moreListen to: Lē

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