every night by Jontha Links

L.A. based indie duo Jontha Links releases a music video to accompany their lead single “every night”, marking the long-awaited follow up to their rock anthem “Pretty Carolina”. The track began as a wistful guitar lick made from 2000’s emo nostalgia, thrown over 90’s r&b drums. Connie heard Shamik’s beat through the wall of his … Read moreevery night by Jontha Links

“The Mind and Heart of Sedric Perry” by Ania Holland

Photos by Camille Grdn – Allgrss ” I am worthy of taking up space, worthy of being here. To have experiences and to show and receive love, bump my head, and figure it out. To enjoy this journey and feel that I deserve all the good things that happen.” Berlin, it’s a manifest city… Sedric … Read more“The Mind and Heart of Sedric Perry” by Ania Holland

“Home” by Sophia Spero

“Home” written and performed by Sophia Spero is a pop song with a long history. The song is about the difficulties of recovering from a toxic platonic relationship. After struggling to express herself, artist Sophia Spero decided to sit down at 1 a.m. on a Friday and write about what came to mind. Eventually, this … Read more“Home” by Sophia Spero

(Issue 13) Music Feature: Cisco Swank

Brooklyn Boys Do It Better: Into the Mind of Cisco Swank Interview and Photography by Joana Meurkens We all know that overwhelming feeling when we are in the presence of greatness, when we know when the artist sitting in front of us has the potential to make a remarkable impact, and when their work transcends … Read more(Issue 13) Music Feature: Cisco Swank

The Meritable Mind of Miranda Del Sol By Ania Holland

“I’m in the process of brainstorming and assessing what’s happened, learning to be more intentional. So much of what’s happened so far has been very on the fly, just me trying things, but they have real consequences, like for example, calling myself “Latina Bedroom Pop Princess.” Miranda Del Sol acknowledges.  “I’m practically a figment of … Read moreThe Meritable Mind of Miranda Del Sol By Ania Holland

“Golden Linings” by Ralitsa-Kona Kalfas

I wrote “Golden Linings” nearly two years ago in April of 2020. At a time where I, like most others, was made to turn inward because of lockdown and the world’s shift. This song is about my journey to releasing toxic positivity, surrendering to vulnerability, and acknowledging all parts of myself; Recognizing self-acceptance can’t be … Read more“Golden Linings” by Ralitsa-Kona Kalfas

“Moonchild” by Alba James

“‘Moonchild” is a fairytale that I wrote on the ukulele last winter. I sing about about how love makes me see my soulmate in a surreal way. I produced it both at home and in studio. I got inspired by the moonlight shining on the snow by the window (I live in Sweden where all is … Read more“Moonchild” by Alba James

“L’Espirit” by ToBy

L’Esprit is also an ode to ToBy’s late grandma who passed away from cancer in 2020. ToBy was extremely close to his grandma, as she helped raise him and always supported his musical journey when others in ToBy’s life did not. “Making music growing up in Miami was not very easy. It was a very judgmental … Read more“L’Espirit” by ToBy

GOAL Music Video by Keekai

Keekai is a New York based Filipinx artist with songs like ‘Show Me’ , and their most recent release, ‘Goal’. Their name originated from the Tagalog word kikay, roughly translated to girly. Keekai explains their connection to the word by saying, “After reclaiming the word kikay and reclaiming my queerness, I found that it really expanded … Read moreGOAL Music Video by Keekai

“Infinite Lawn” by Mimz The Magnificent & Dunn

Infinite Lawn, what is infinity? What is a lawn?  rhetorical questions one should meditate on while listening to the New EP by NY Natives Mimz and Dunn. “Birds of a Feather heard you Tethered to the trenches of ya never land” Mimz makes 2 things clear with their presence on this tape. 1)I can rap … Read more“Infinite Lawn” by Mimz The Magnificent & Dunn

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