Origami Project: Gentrification

by Anna Grace Burch I walked around one afternoon taking pictures of a neighborhood in my city that is experiencing gentrification. The local community was very diverse, home to people of all races and incomes, but I could see the older, poorer areas being renovated and repurposed into newer, unaffordable houses and shops. It made … Read moreOrigami Project: Gentrification

Suomo Snook Artwork

Suomo is a 31-year-old queer, self-taught Gabonese-American artist living on unceded Abenaki Land, otherwise known as Vermont. Coming from a long line of powerful Femmes and healers, Suomo also proudly recognizes her art as a continuation of her deep-rooted medicinal and spiritual heritage. Although her primary medium is paint – most recently acrylic – Suomo … Read moreSuomo Snook Artwork

Addie Kae Figurative Paintings

Artist Statement: My paintings are based on photographs of my mixed race family. My skin tone gives the impression that I don’t struggle fitting into the majority, which is untrue. I use photographs of my father’s side of the family because I feel there was so much beauty in their lives, even as they struggled … Read moreAddie Kae Figurative Paintings

Angel Davila Artwork

About the Artist: Angel Davila is an up & coming working artist that currently resides in New Jersey. His work has visited many spaces and he plans to continue his journey of reaching bigger audiences with his work.  He considers his work as conceptual pieces that linger into a surrealistic approach. His references often come … Read moreAngel Davila Artwork

Giada Rotundo Art

In 2017 , the artist Giada Rotundo obtained her MA from the Art Academy of Brera and in the following years started her artistic career by re-elaborating images from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Today she has chosen to not only represent one poetic style and her works do not follow a specific genre, though she continues to express herself with figurative painting. This however, has been a difficult choice and resulted after she matured and reflected upon the fact that it gives the observer a much freer view of her work. If we think that it is the public itself that ‘makes’ the artwork and that it would not exist without it, why shouldn’t we leave them the opportunity to interpret it? Explaining the meaning of the painting would influence their opinion too. Finally, looking at the art of today is like looking at something diverse and complicated, there is so much, sometimes too much. Once there was only one artistic trend and many people would be spontaneously involved. If we think of Art Déco, or even before Art Nuveau, many artists reproduced and spread these artistic styles to other similar fields such as: architecture, textiles and other minor ones. In short, if art is the mirror of what happens we cannot do anything else than reproduce art in the most heterogeneous way.