Madeleine Thomas Photography

Modeled by Prakash Panchariya and Jillian NeddStyled by Lucia Dunlap and Peyton Inoff Madeleine Thomas is a photographer and printmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently working on editorial and documentary projects whilst supporting small local businesses and providing mutual aid that is in her immediate community. Madeleine is most passionate about making long-form storytelling surrounding … Read moreMadeleine Thomas Photography

Into the Benidorm Groove by Seigar.

This series is a collection of pop street photography taken in Benidorm, Spain, during a short trip in January 2020. The images bring the essence of the place from an intentionally kitsch point of view, showing the unique personalities, almost like characters from a film. The aim was to play with the stereotypical images of this famous coastal town where everything is possible. As a photographer, I adopted the attitude of a camp spy. Enjoy this popular destination with authentic protagonists! – Seigar

Unhappy Feet by Yella Soyland

I am Gabby “Yella” Soyland, 16, Filipino-Norwegian. “The Unhappy Feet” is my take on finding myself, I wanted to really tackle my sexuality and how from a young age I never felt at home in my own body. Whenever I watched my movies and shows, I would always want to be the leading man to … Read moreUnhappy Feet by Yella Soyland

“EXPRESSIONS” by Amelia Paige

The series is entitled ‘EXPRESSIONS’, and focuses on members of the LGBTQ+ community and their tattoos. It’s a photographic exploration of expression and representation within the community- something very close to my heart. To me, one of the strongest forms of self-care is expression. The things we do to make ourselves feel the most genuine … Read more“EXPRESSIONS” by Amelia Paige

Sid Gopinath Photography

Periyar National Park, India Boulder, CO Mumbai, India Yosemite National Park, California Cappadocia, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey About the Artist: Sid Gopinath is a multi-disciplinary artist based in New York City. He seeks to tell stories through his art focusing on identity, love, memory, and place. Sid is half of indie r&b duo bluesoul and also … Read moreSid Gopinath Photography