My Mother Eve by Mia Altamuro

Artwork by Andrea Miranda I am my Mother Eve’s child;I always want the one thingI can’t have. the entire world in front of me,the life I could live,and I want to feel you breathe on me,to love me for the fuck of it. I’m in a gardenwith everything I needsurrounding me,yet I am Eve’s daughter, … Read moreMy Mother Eve by Mia Altamuro

Girls in our shrines by Zakiyyah Dzukogi

forgive our artthat’s yet to come,we are girlsfrom our shrines,like the flowerbefore God,we’ll beat drumsfor prayerson our hands—wake in the terraced house,the cost of our poetry isn’ta thousand note Zakiyyah Dzukogi is the author of Carved (a poetry collection); winner of the Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors, 2021, a prize she had earlier won the … Read moreGirls in our shrines by Zakiyyah Dzukogi

Embracing Me by Jasmine Washington

When I run my hands through my hairAnd feel all the kink and coilsWith tender careI feel warmthI feel loveI feel happinessI feel acceptanceI feel the naturalness of meAnd I embrace itI like what I feel and I like what I see Jasmine Washington is a Black woman from Houston, Texas who works as a … Read moreEmbracing Me by Jasmine Washington

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