Staff Picks: Songs That Deserve A Summer

Well everyone, here we are, summer is upon us once again. And what a summer it will be! I asked the Mixed Mag staff to pick an album/song that they believe deserves to be blasted through the speakers this summer. Last year there was A LOT of good music being played, but unfortunately they didn’t … Read moreStaff Picks: Songs That Deserve A Summer

Staff & Contributor Picks: Musicians That Bring You Comfort

Throughout our lives there are musicians whose work shapes us and is there to guide us through confusing times. Whether that musician is someone who you grew up listening to because your mom loved them, or an artist whose album helped you through a tough breakup, music has the power to comfort us when life seems uncertain. Here is a collection of musicians that hold a special place in the hearts of our team and past contributors. – Joana Meurkens (Artistic Director)

Staff Pick: Skin Care Product

Hello Mixed Mag Community! I’m Kimber Monroe, and I will be taking over the Health, Sex & Wellness section while our EIC Carolina Meurkens is on maternity leave! To start off, I wanted to talk about essential skin care products. Skin care skyrocketed in 2020 like never before, and I wanted our team to share … Read moreStaff Pick: Skin Care Product