Tiny Laughs: Web Series

Created by Laura Rivas and Rukshan Thenuwara A queer Latina architect meets a struggling Asian comic who’s just come out…as unemployed, their instant spark sends them on a humorous and heartwarming journey through the city of dreams. From the creators: This series is a love story to Los Angeles and echoes our journey through the … Read moreTiny Laughs: Web Series

Dangerous Day by Anthony David Vernon

INT. DETECTIVE MARSHALL FRANK’S OFFICE – DAY There is wall calendar that is dated December 15, 1979. MARSHALL FRANK, a middle aged detective is sat at his organized desk with an empty ash tray looking over case files. While looking over the case files, Marshall’s facial expression is simultaneously stern and saddened. A knock on … Read moreDangerous Day by Anthony David Vernon

Colin in Black and White: Review by Maya Paco

It’s only in certain cases that I feel moved enough to take out my computer and write about a television show. The last time I felt the inspiration to comment on something I watched, was after the first episode of Ryan Murphy’s Pose. I am again moved with the tingled feeling of WOW during the … Read moreColin in Black and White: Review by Maya Paco

Characters Need Siblings by Minh Pham

The breadth of storytelling in cinema knows no bounds. Film is about love and heartbreak, triumph and failure, heroes and villains, dragons and haggard looking people with thick accents, Leonardo DiCaprio and lines of cocaine on butts of beautiful strangers, and so on and so forth. Through decades of beautiful storytelling and the evolution of … Read moreCharacters Need Siblings by Minh Pham

Paraguay, Theatre & College: An Interview with Yvanna Manuela Tassy-Gimenez by Leela Kiyawat

If there’s anything I’ve learned at college, it’s that roommates generally tend to either be your worst enemy or your family for life. Lucky for me, I ended up rooming with one of the coolest performance majors at Fordham University: Yvanna Manuela Tassy-Gimenez. Yvanna is a first year student studying Theatre in the Lincoln Center … Read moreParaguay, Theatre & College: An Interview with Yvanna Manuela Tassy-Gimenez by Leela Kiyawat

New Age Afrofuturism: Using Music and Film to Reference the Past and Create a Narrative of Black Futures by Trinity Townsend

In the media, ideas of the future have historically been portrayed through science fiction. However, when analyzing science fiction as a literary and cinematic genre, Black faces are seldom at the forefront. The 1985 blockbuster Back to The Future is a notable title in science fiction but when looking at the cast list, I see … Read moreNew Age Afrofuturism: Using Music and Film to Reference the Past and Create a Narrative of Black Futures by Trinity Townsend

Editors’ Picks: Horror

I wanted to include an editor’s pick so y’all, our beautiful viewers, can get to know us, your amazing editors. I also wanted to showcase our TV/Film/Theater picks because although it may feel like all you see are white stories or stories of the oppressor, our stories have been here for a while and are … Read moreEditors’ Picks: Horror

Horror Industry Profile: Nigel Semaj

Nigel Semaj They/them/theirs Director/Choreographer/Movement Director/Educator  NIGEL SEMAJ.  is a New York City based director/movement director/choreographer/educator from Washington, D.C. Notable directing credits include, For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf, which won awards from the Kennedy Center in Direction, Ensemble and Excellence in Costume Design, columbinus, The Baltimore Waltz, Sarah Kane’s … Read moreHorror Industry Profile: Nigel Semaj

(Issue 2) TV, Film, & Theater Feature: Lukita Maxwell

Lukita is a Gen Z creative based in LA. She is currently the Head Web Designer and Editor at Sunstroke Magazine, an intersectional, GenZine. In addition to web design for Sunstroke, Lukita is currently working as a film actor. In the past she’s worked with ABC, 20th Century Fox, and most recently, HBO Max. She loves working amongst creatives, on or off a set, in front or behind a camera. Additionally to designing and acting, she’s passionate about photography, sustainability, good coffee, good music and traveling. This past month I got to sit down with Lukita and discuss small conservative towns, interests outside of acting and providing space for others.

Contemplating South Asia Through “Carnival Row” by Rida Akhtar Ghumman

Covid-19, leading to a global seclusion by a larger populace, enhanced the user base of modern television media like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO etc. manifold. Today when America is revolting against state level practice of racism and discrimination, the role of such media channels and their creative criticism of various political prejudices becomes even … Read moreContemplating South Asia Through “Carnival Row” by Rida Akhtar Ghumman

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